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MSS Sentinel Publisher
Jun 3

What book are you reading?


I'm currently reading Death By Autopsy by Jane Bennett Munro. It's the 3rd book in the Toni Day Mystery series. I love mysteries and these books have not disappointed me. I have three more books to read and then will post a Book Review at the magazine. What book are you currently reading? I'd love to hear about it.

Diane Burton
Jun 7

I just finished a paranormal suspense series based on Egyptian mythology (of which I knew very little before I started) by Veronica Scott. I enjoyed learning more about the Egyptian gods & goddesses. I know Greek & Roman, but Egyptian's are very different.

MSS Sentinel Publisher
Jun 7

That's great. I love when you read fiction for entertainment and learn something new in the process. Ms. Munro is a pathologist and her books are very detailed with actual autopsy procedures etc. Definitely learning a lot more than you'd see on a show on TV about a pathologist solving murders.

Diane Burton
Jun 7

@MSS Sentinel Publisher My son-in-law is a pathologist and assistant county coroner. He's my go-to person for medical issues for my own stories.

MSS Sentinel Publisher
Jun 7

Wow, he must be such a great resource for you. My WIP is about a crime scene investigator and pathologist. I thought I did enough research to make my autopsy scene good enough, but after reading Munro's series, I think I need to do more research and add more details. Becoming a better author is always a work in progress.

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New Posts
  • MSS Sentinel Publisher
    Jun 18

    What book of the Bible are you currently studying? I'm reading through the NT. I'm currently reading through Hebrews and using the Nelson Study Bible. It's a great resource for understanding the scripture better.
  • MSS Sentinel Publisher
    Jun 11

    What are your favorite columns published each month? What type of articles do you like best and what topics would you like to see 👀 covered at the magazine? We love to know what our readers are thinking.
  • MSS Sentinel Publisher
    Jun 8

    If you access our magazine on a mobile device, you will notice that the main page has blank spaces between the posts and titles etc. are missing from the header photos. We are working with technical support to fix this issue. Feel free to download the Wix app and access our magazine, forum, and community from there. There are no issues with the app. Thanks!