3 Lessons Learned from Charlotte McKinney on ABC's ‘DWTS’

Charlotte McKinney became a viral sensation after her appearance in the racy Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl 2015 advertisement. McKinney is a supermodel and actress and recently appeared in the current season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She was partnered with professional dancer, Keo Motsepe. The pair made it through the first two weeks. Then they were voted off in week three because of low scores for her cha-cha the previous week. There are several lessons that we can learn from McKinney’s time on Dancing with the Stars.

You Can’t Please Everyone

During her experience on ‘DWTS’, McKinney faced a mixed reaction on social media. When the practice package aired during the live show, viewers got a chance to see how much the negative reactions affected her. She said, “People think because I’m pretty and blonde that I don’t have feelings, but I do.” Of course, her partner, Keo tried to encourage her to ignore what was being tweeted and posted online. He advised her that if she wanted a chance to win the Mirror Ball trophy, she needed to focus completely on practice and learning the dance routine and not focus on what others were saying. McKinney took his advice and got right back into practicing for the next live show. After the practice package was shown, Charlotte and Keo went out to dance and performed well. Their scores and votes carried them over to the second week. One lesson that McKinney learned—and one that we can take away from her experience—is that we can’t please everyone. This lesson carries over into the second one discussed below.

Believe in Yourself

In week three when McKinney was voted off the show, Bruno Tonioli’s comment during the judging period caused an uproar in the ballroom and then on social media. Tonioli flippantly said, “You’re never going to win the Nobel Prize for quantum physics, but you are easy on the eyes and you produce wonderful shapes.” Even as I watched that episode, my gasp mirrored the reactions from fellow judges and the audience. Tonioli has been known for speaking his mind. However, his comment was inconsiderate; especially since McKinney has been bullied on social media throughout the early season due to her figure. On Good Morning America the next morning, McKinney said, “To be honest, I just really thought it was uncalled for.” She referenced Tonioli’s comment to her and continued to explain that she has been “trying to be used as a platform for social media bullying,” and being able to stop online negativity. She said that she felt it was important to shake off the comment and move on. Through McKinney’s experience, it’s important to remember to always believe in yourself no matter what others say or think about you.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

The final lesson we can learn from McKinney is to maintain a positive attitude no matter what you face. Throughout her three weeks on Dancing with the Stars, McKinney was constantly smiling and maintaining a positive attitude while learning routines and trying to become a better dancer. She handled the negative social media comments with grace and tried to turn the negativity into a positive situation. Her perspective stayed positive and she hoped to become a beacon of light for others who are bullied both off and online. McKinney said, “I learned so much from this experience and I’m so grateful…it’s been such an amazing ride.”

What are your thoughts on Charlotte McKinney’s time on Dancing with the Stars and the lessons we can learn from her experience?

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