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4 Lessons Learned from Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec on ABC's ‘DWTS’

Robert Herjavec is a leading businessman in North America and stars on “Shark Tank”. He is also the CEO of Herjavec Group which is a global IT security firm. Mr. Herjavec believes that “our ability to achieve is only limited by our ability to dream.” He is a celebrity on the current season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”. As a fan of DWTS, I enjoy the variety of celebrity types that are cast each season on the show. This article will discuss 4 lessons that can be learned from Mr. Herjavec and his time on the show.

Age is Irrelevant to How You Feel

On the second week of dancing for DWTS, Herjavec danced to “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Michael Buble. The song choice was appropriate for him as he exudes a youthful energy and approach to the show despite his age. The first lesson learned from Herjavec is that age is truly irrelevant to how you feel. After his performances on the first two episodes, he has exhibited more energy than someone his age might have. We can all learn a lesson from his behavior and push ourselves to exceed all expectations and not be limited by our ages.

Confidence & Drive to Succeed are Vital

The second lesson we can learn from Herjavec is that confidence and drive to succeed are vital to success in life. As the CEO of a global IT security firm and star of the hit reality show, Shark Tank, Herjavec exhibits confidence in every aspect of his daily life. If he didn’t have a drive to succeed, he wouldn’t have become such a successful businessman. He translates that confidence and drive to succeed to the dance floor as well. Bruno Tonioli told Herjavec that, “You got the flash. You got the dash. You do everything with confidence.”

Enjoying the Journey Makes Life Fun

We can all learn another lesson from Herjavec as well. Enjoying the journey makes life fun. If you don’t enjoy the process of the journey, you won’t be as fulfilled in life. As the judging period continued, Carrie Ann Inaba commented that Herjavec and his dance partner, Kym Johnson, were “like a fairytale” when they danced. She said that their partnership made her “nauseous” (in a good way) because they looked “so darn cute” as a dance couple. Len Goodman told Herjavec that he has “style and panache” and “we can see that you’re just enjoying yourself.” I enjoyed watching Herjavec and his partner dance because both seemed to be having such a great time. As a celebrity dancer, Herjavec looked happy and you couldn’t tell if he was nervous or not. He simply enjoyed getting out on the dance floor to dance.

Being Teachable is a Key Factor

The last lesson we can learn is that being teachable is a key factor in achieving success in life. If we are not willing to put in the time to diligently learn from others with more experience than us, we won’t get very far. This is especially true in the business world. The final judge’s comment came from Julianne Hough as she described Herjavec’s style as “this English gentleman” who keeps his frame perfect and unmoving while “a cup of tea is on his head.” These comments showcased just how well Herjavec learned the steps to his Foxtrot this week on DWTS. During the pre-dance package showing the practice time for the dance, viewers could see how Herjavec listened to each coaching tip Johnson shared with him. His dedication to the coaching paid off with a 28/40 score, placing them in the middle of the scoreboard.

These four lessons learned from Robert Herjavec’s time on DWTS can be translated into our daily personal and professional lives. If you are a fan of DWTS or Shark Tank and have some comments to share, we’d love to hear from you. Which of these lessons speak to you the most?


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