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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Release Date: Mar 8, 2016 Run Time: 87 minutes Director: Reed Simonsen Producer: Tim Gautier, Gina Gautier Languages: English

FishFlix Stock No: LM3105001 Rating: NR (“Faith-Friendly”) UPC Number: 806838246890

Eternal Salvation is an inspirational movie about God’s redemptive grace in our lives. The Dove Foundation has given the Eternal Salvation DVD a 5/5 rating of “faith-friendly” for ages 12 and over.

In this movie, Jonathan Wright has an incredible life with a beautiful family, great job, and big circle of friends. He believes that climbing the corporate ladder of success is one way to keep his family living in the same lifestyle they’ve been accustomed to. Jonathan suffers a brain aneurysm and subsequent coma. His life-threatening condition becomes a catalyst for God to touch his life.

Eternal Salvation demonstrated the salvation message in a manner that was devoid of a “preachy” tone. It showed real-life situations, the true message of the Bible, and good acting on the part of the actors involved. There were many touching moments throughout the movie—such as one of the hospital scenes where Jonathan’s friend, Paul, prayed for him and told him to “keep the faith and be strong.”

This movie offers viewers a good description of what it means to be a true Christian at work, while experiencing difficult persecution for your belief in Christ. Jonathan develops a strong friendship with his colleague, Paul, who demonstrates true unconditional love for others. Paul invites Jonathan to a Bible study and encourages him through prayer and studying the word of God. Jonathan becomes a Christian and understands the message of salvation through God’s grace. This movie is worth watching, and I gave it a 4/5 rating.

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