Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned from Watching Gold Rush

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I am continually on the look-out for new opportunities to learn and grow as a business professional. Learning from mentors who have “made it big” in the business is important to grow in your own business. Aside from reading books, blogs, magazine articles and listening to educational audios, I am a fan of certain reality TV shows. One show on the Discovery Channel that I have been following is Gold Rush. There are many entrepreneurial lessons one can learn from watching this show.

Follow your Dreams

The gold miners on this show are not professionals. They are normal, everyday, average guys who had a dream and wanted to pursue it. They answered the call from the producers who wanted to find people who weren’t professionals but had a heart to follow their dreams. Following the American Dream is at the heart of this show. Americans love the underdog, right? It’s what being an entrepreneur is all about—taking the road less traveled and pursuing your business goals. Take a lesson from the gold miners and keep pursuing your own dreams. They surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals who also believed in their dreams to succeed.

Discipline and Perseverance Pays Off

I’ve watched the show for the last several seasons and one thing that has caught my attention is how disciplined these miners are. They work long, hard days and get up the next day to start all over again. The miners realize that if they aren’t disciplined and don’t persevere against all odds, they won’t have a chance at accomplishing their goals. Follow after the example of one of the leaders, Todd Hoffman, and remember that whatever entrepreneurial goals you have can be accomplished with hard work.

Working Together Accomplishes Goals

Whether it’s the Hoffman crew, Dakota Fred’s team or young Parker’s crew, each of the miners seem to work together. They understand that teamwork accomplishes goals. Working together as a team does pay off in the end. Of course, they have their moments when they disagree and don’t get along, but more often—the miners see the benefits to team work. As an entrepreneur, teach your team how to work together. Each team member needs to find his or her specialty and then integrate productive performance into the team work.

If you Fail, Keep Trying

This season on Gold Rush Todd Hoffman’s crew worked extremely hard, but didn’t find the same success in the jungle like they’d experienced the previous season in the Klondike. Parker’s crew and Dakota Fred’s crew did well this year. When things go well, it’s easy to be pleased with your success. However, when goals are not reached, how do you handle it? Todd Hoffman’s team seems to be handling the situation as best they can. They left the jungle but are already planning the next mining season. They’re looking to the future and continuing to follow their dream. In your business, if you fail, keep trying to accomplish your goals.

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