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My Thoughts on the Movie: "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"

As soon as I saw the preview for The Odd Life of Timothy Green I knew I had to see it, but that I’d be near tears the entire movie—and I was…actually cried at the end. For those who haven’t heard about it yet, here are the cliff notes:

The main characters, Cindy and Jim Green find out that after years of trying to conceive, they are unable to get pregnant. On the night they find out the news, they wistfully fill a box with wishes of what their child would be like and then bury the wooden box in their vegetable garden. That night, their dreams come to life and a young boy, Timothy, magically appears at their home.

I won’t divulge the rest of the story…you need to see it for yourselves, but ladies, be sure to bring a box of tissues along (guys, you’ll be near tears, too!)

This is a very touching and inspirational story, but let me share why it especially affected me. For those who know me, I won’t bore you again with this part of my life—however, for those who don’t know my husband’s and my story, you can read more about it here at my guest post at the blog "Life Without Baby."

Some new thoughts I’d like to share after watching this movie have reinforced my faith in God and my belief that even when we don’t understand what’s going on in our lives…He definitely does and He has a plan. That’s His promise from Jeremiah 29:11-14 and I truly believe this is a fact and God’s promise for each and everyone one of our lives.

One thing that stuck out from this movie, which I really related to, was the main story of infertility. For those who are going through this, it’s a tough journey. For those who are blessed with children and aren’t going through this journey, it’s a subject that you may not be able to relate to very well. However, odds are that you know someone or know of someone who knows someone who is dealing with infertility.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the current percentage of women in the U.S. who are infertile, is 10%—does that sound like a small number? Well, not really when you consider that the 10% translates into approximately 6.1 million women, in the U.S. alone.

One of the family members of the main character in the movie made several comments which were insensitive to the main character. I won’t waste time going into those comments, but as someone who is currently dealing with this issue, it was enacted true to life and depicts how when we don’t walk a mile in someone’s shoes, we can sometimes be insensitive to others’ feelings. Through our journey, we’ve met other couples who are going through the same issue and have been able to support each other. God has been good that way. This journey also brought about my most recent book release, Bella Lucia. It is a story unlike my other suspense books, but I felt compelled to write it. My hope was that other women like me might find some hope and encouragement that they are not alone.

A second aspect in the movie was the subject of adoption. The Greens had given up hope of ever conceiving and were trying to move on with their lives and accept the fact that maybe they were meant to be childless. When the mysterious Timothy Green appears at their door, they readily welcome him with open arms into their home.

However, not everyone is as accepting of this little boy. Yes, there were some people who willingly welcomed him into their family, but some comments were made along the way by others; i.e., I thought you were trying to have a child of your own…a real child. I come from a family where my parents adopted five children. My mom and dad had four biological children, but opened their hearts to others who needed a family. I guess that’s why I have an open mind and open heart when it comes to adoption. I wish everyone could be as welcoming.

The final aspect of this movie which stood out for me was the family dynamic. The main character, Jim Green, and his father didn’t always get along. Jim’s father was never supportive of him during his childhood—he didn’t encourage Jim and he only saw the negatives in his son. Jim always vowed to be a different parent than his father. When he got that chance with Timothy, he jumped at the possibilities to make a difference in his young life.

I know that none of us are perfect. We don’t live in the Garden of Eden and this is a fallen world. It would be so wonderful if we could all try to live by the words of Rudyard Kipling:

"...believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble."

Sometimes that's easier said than done—especially when we all continue to act out in our worst behavior, often directed at those we love the most—but in a moment of quiet reflection, we must realize that we’re all fallen beings saved by grace and if we don’t offer grace to others, can we expect grace in return? We were all given the gift of grace and hopefully have chosen to accept it—the real question remains—will we offer that grace to each other every day we take another breath?

I highly recommend that everyone—whether you have children, don’t have children, are struggling to conceive, or somewhere in between—go to see this wonderful movie. It’s awe-inspiring and hopefully will give everyone a glimpse into the other side of the spectrum…to a place where we can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes for a while.

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