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Building the Internal Defenses of our Immune Systems

Our bodies are continually under attack each day from a variety of factors. For one thing, stress is high on the list of something that can attack our immune systems. Stress can lead to sleep deprivation, which wears down our bodies’ natural defenses and we are more likely susceptible to getting sick. We don’t get all the valuable nutrients from our diets, which we need each day. If we aren’t supplementing our diets with valuable supplements, then that is also another factor which can negatively affect our immune systems.

Synthetic Vitamins

Taking synthetic vitamins can do more harm than good to our bodies and aren’t worth the money we pay for them. If we opt for vitamins which claim to be natural, but aren’t completely natural, then that doesn’t do our bodies any good either. The way to be completely good to our bodies is to take supplements which are organic and made with whole foods so that our bodies are partaking of live enzymes and not chemicals or synthetic fillers.

Environmental Pollution

Another factor which wears down our immune systems is pollution. If our immune systems are weak from stress, sleep deprivation and lack of proper nutrition in our diets, our bodies are more vulnerable to environmental challenges which can negatively impact our health. According to Dr. Jane Sadler, the average adult gets sick with a cold or flu about three times per year—averaging about nine days of sickness. Just imagine how many sick days off from work that we’ll have to take if we get colds or the flu several times a year. If we can’t take off from work and go to our jobs while we’re sick, that’s a recipe for disaster as the germs will spread to others, leading to more sickness.

Preventive Measures

It always pays off in the long run to take preventive measures towards keeping sickness at bay. We won’t beat the cold and flu season all the time, but if we take prevention and follow some simple rules, we’ll be headed in the right direction and keep our immune systems strong. Most of the time, our bodies start to give us signs when sickness is beginning to take over our bodies. You know, those sniffles and scratchy throats and watery eyes and chills. There are things we can do to prevent and fight off colds, especially before they really even get started. When you feel these symptoms start to come on, drink some water or juice. According to Dr. William Schaffner, “staying hydrated cuts down on symptoms like a sore throat and stuffy nose.”

Home Remedies

Another home remedy to fend off sore throats is to gargle with salt water. According to Dr. Philip Hagen, “the salt draws out the excess water in your throat’s tissues, reducing the inflammation, and clears mucous and irritants from the back of the throat.” Another plus is that the salt rinse “flushes out bacteria and viruses, which may help whether you’re getting a cold or want to prevent one in the first place.” Using a saline nasal spray after the first symptoms appear also helps in order to reduce the impact of the cold. The neti pot works well to keep nasal passages clean, whether we’re impacted with allergies or the common cold. We need to remember that the best medicine for our immune systems is prevention.

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