Company Profile: Bringing Jobs Back from China

As a consumer, I personally enjoy purchasing products that are made in the USA. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m buying a product which is part of providing work for Americans. In a perfect world, I’d love it if more people would try to “buy American”—of course, that’s kind of difficult these days since so many products are made in other countries. However, if we would be more patient and take the time to look for and shop around, we’d be able to purchase more products that were made in the USA.

Made in the USA

In the “good old days,” you could rely on reliable, quality products and know that what you bought, would last. These days, when you buy something, you cannot rely on the quality of the product. It is true that things are not made the way they used to be. Clothes don’t last as long. Shoes wear out more quickly. As a business owner, the hope is that the business climate here in the US will become more business-friendly.

In the meantime, that means business owners will try to be more frugal and trim the fat and do what’s necessary to keep their businesses going. With the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump coming soon, the tide will turn one way or the other. Time will tell, but we all hope that more businesses will be able to expand and hire more employees and that the job market will turn around.

Bringing Jobs Back to America

In these current hard economic times, what one thing does this Country need right now? We need jobs, here for the American people…not jobs sent overseas to other countries so businesses can save money on paying low wages. One American company that has been profitable is able to make the claim that they started to bring jobs back from China.

What have they been doing? They’ve tried to cut costs and manage their production in a more productive way—they recently bought an abandoned factory in Ohio and have simplified the design of their Eden Pure heaters. [Disclaimer: I have one of these heaters and absolutely love the product…it works great.] By making a simpler design, which works just as well and even better than the older models, the product requires less parts (rivets and screws). They have now been able to compete better with their competitors who have taken their plants overseas to benefit from paying lower wages. For more details on Eden Pure’s story, visit: "Purely Profitable" from the Costco Online magazine.