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Have you Heard about Google Voice?

If you haven’t yet heard about Google Voice, it’s a great free service which can enhance your experience on your phone. It doesn’t matter which phone carrier you are currently using. When you use Google Voice, you will have the capacity to use only one phone number which will reach you whether you’re at home or away. You get to set up parameters to customize how your callers are treated. If you’d like your family and friends to receive a certain greeting, you can set that up—if there is someone you don’t particularly like to speak to due to overbearing chatter, their calls can be sent straight to voicemail.

Google has received requests for controls geared towards calls from people who aren’t in your address book. There are controls for two different groups of callers: those who are in your address book and those who are anonymous callers. This pertains to the greetings these callers receive. Anonymous callers are in this group and this is how they will be screened as separate calls from those calls that do show up with a caller ID.

Have you ever wished you had an assistant with you at all times to help with your daily tasks, especially when you have a bunch of voicemails and you don’t have the time to go through all of them? With Google Voice, your messages are transcribed and then delivered to your inbox. The other great feature is that your calls and texts are free in the U.S. and Canada and the rates are very inexpensive for all other countries.

For more information on additional features: Google Voice and to Watch the videos

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