Are You Creating Your Own Vision for Your Life or Being Defined by Others?

Many times people who are visionaries are considered way out there or unrealistic or dreamers with no sense in reality. I’d beg to differ. Being a visionary is completely necessary if you want to succeed in life. If you want to transform your business into a successful one or get your book up in the rankings on Amazon, or create the next best-ever invention—you need to be a visionary.

Becoming a Visionary

True, there are other aspects towards creating and maintain productive business acumen, but on the top of the list should be becoming a visionary. If you don’t truly believe in yourself or your product or your dream, how are you going to get anyone else to believe in it with you? How do you expect to get sales if you can’t even sell yourself on your product and your own dream?

No one is ever going to be your biggest fan, more than yourself. Well, maybe your spouse or significant other or close friend or family member. However, usually it stands to reason that you are your own knight in shining armor. You are the champion of your own dream. You need to cultivate the skills of an awesome visionary in your life.

God Has a Plan for Your Life

For me, I’m a Christian and I believe that God has a plan for my life. I receive my inspiration and life changing encouragement from the Bible. For you, that may not be the case. Maybe you don’t believe in God or have a different religion. However, the simplicity of what I’m saying here remains the same. No matter what your belief system is, if you aren’t a visionary, you will never make the jump from the mediocre to the exceptional in whatever goals you have in your life and your business.

Visionaries make a consistent effort every day to wake up with the intention to conquer and live in greatness. Now, I’m not saying visionaries are prideful, but they do exhibit a healthy sense of self-worth and know that their spiritual self needs to be fed in order to make success in life achievable. Visionaries are able to jump through hoops and fend off obstacles charging down their paths. They know that deep-seeded sense of dogged determination to succeed at all costs—regardless of the opposition and the naysayers.

Are you one of the visionaries? Do you have what it takes to be encouraged each day, knowing that you can create your own vision for your life? As a Christian, I am encouraged each day by God’s Word. What is encouraging you each day? Who are you listening to? Have you surrounded yourself with the best cheerleading squad of supporters for your dream that you can find? Or are you allowing yourself to be brought down by the naysayers in your life who keep telling you that you’ll never make it? The ones who succeed, have vision and are determined to take one step at a time towards a better life.

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