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Article Writing and Generating Traffic Flow

If you have a blog, you’re on the right track for generating traffic to your website. However, writing articles for various article writing sites is a tried and true way to guarantee more visitors to your website. If you can write good content on a consistent basis, then you could be well on your way to getting more traffic—for FREE—to your website. With the advent of the internet, people always need content.

High Demand for Quality Content

Article writing is in demand, but you need to make certain that what you’re writing is completely good content. Everyone needs more information which is current and up to date. Some sites will pay you for your content and they’ll publish the articles under another person’s name. You get paid…usually a small amount—and you don’t get any credit. No one is going back to your website because you gave away your rights to the content when you submitted it.

So, your time and effort, for minimal pay, is not getting rewarded as it should. Wouldn’t you rather take the time to write good articles and submit them to websites online, where you’ll have a byline with your website and blog links and you’ll get guaranteed traffic back to your own website or blog? Sounds like a no-brainer. Well, how do you get started?

Getting Started Writing Content

It may seem overwhelming starting a freelance writing career, but if you take the time to find the right pathway to success, you’ll get to where you want to be in your writing career. Of course, you need to do the time and put in the effort as you’re writing consistently good content.

Do some research online to locate sites where you can submit original content, under your own name, where you’ll get the credit and are allowed to have a byline with links posted at the end of the article. Ezine Articles is one site where you can submit your original content to. If you have the time, you can search out a group of sites through an online directory and the most popular ones are usually listed first. The second option is to utilize an automated submitter; however, there are fees involved with that avenue.

Ezine Articles

If you find one or two sites, similar to Ezine Articles, and you consistently submit quality, original content, you’ll get your name “branded” as a writer, gain credibility and have the opportunity to do what you love and it will drive traffic to your website or blog. You can submit to a wide variety of online sites, but if you stick with only a few, you’ll have more of a chance to build up a following and in return get traffic driven back to your sites.

Article directories have an expansive reader base and this can only benefit you, as a writer, not harm you in any way. These readers are located worldwide and it’s an awesome opportunity for you to get your article writing expertise out to the world. You have the opportunity to reach new customers, clients or readers for your work. It’s a win-win situation because these article directories need your fresh, original content and you need access to their vast readership base.

Once your articles are submitted to these article directories, they are linked in those directories for years to come. Once they’re submitted, they don’t have a shelf life of only a few days. They have exposure on the internet for years and years. How awesome is that—an opportunity to get FREE advertising. This is the perfect opportunity for writers to help get branded in their field and get exposure to new readers.

Pandora's Box

Additionally, Pandora's Box is open to writers submitting content in the following topics: literature, arts, entertainment, lifestyle, health, faith, politics, technology, and news. All content should be family-friendly and be engaging enough to help people think outside the box. So, feel free to submit freelance copy to Pandora's Box.

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