Do You Have an Office Job and are You Sitting too Much?

For those who have an office job, you’re most likely sitting too much each day, likely 8-10 hours. Then you’re sitting again in your car on your drive to and from work, then sitting again at home watching TV—you are sitting too much and it’s not good for your health. For all those hours while you’re at your office job, do you find the time to exercise?

Authors, what about you? Do you sit for long hours in your home office—or are you in the category above with an office job and you do your writing at home in the evening? Either scenario is not good for your health. When do you find the time to exercise?

Health Issues Can Develop

What kind of problems develop if you are sitting too much each day? For one thing, you get back pains sitting and complicated issues. Sounds like a no brainer, right. However, it’s also been proven that sitting too much each day can be bad for your blood pressure and also increases the chances of obesity. Of course, another no brainer—so what should you do, especially if your office job requires you to sit all day long?

Incorporate Exercise in Your Day

You definitely need to try to incorporate time to exercise into your daily routine—at least a few times a week. Although, you still need to do more because the few hours each week that you are finding time to exercise won’t balance out the high amount of hours that you are sitting too much. So, how else can you combat this issue?

Take a break during the day. Make sure you go out of your office for a lunch break—even if you bring your own lunch, get up and go for a walk or spend some time standing. Change positions throughout the day—when I was working at my day job, I used to spend some time standing at my desk. I would raise my computer keyboard up onto a box and stand at the computer while I worked. It really helped when I worked, especially since I had a long commute and would be in the car for a while every day. Now that I work from home, I have more opportunity to actually get up and walk around and not be chained to my desk, but I also have arranged my desk so that I can also type while standing if needed during the day.

I read an article, entitled, A Matter of Gravity… sitting too much can compromise your health, and it had some great suggestions on how to help your body as you sit and work each day in your office job. According to Sara Daly (physical therapist), you should take breaks throughout the day and make sure to frequently change positions. If you’re on the phone, stand up and walk around. Make a point during the day to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Don’t forget to flex and point your ankles. You can remind yourself to stand up or change positions by setting a computer or phone alarm. If you don’t have an alarm, post notes on your computer to remind you or buddy up with a co-worker to help keep each other in line.

Do you have an office job or another job where you are sitting too much each day? How do you handle that and do you think you need to make some changes and find time to exercise?

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