Understanding the “Real Dirt on Clean Water”

In our household, we have a water filter through our refrigerator dispenser system. We do not have a water filter connected to our main water line for all the faucets etc. Recently, we purchased the Get Clean water pitcher system and—the honest truth—I haven’t tasted such pure and clean water ever even out of the dispenser from our refrigerator; and that system is supposed to be a very good filtration device.

My husband and I did a taste test. We poured water into three different glasses—water directly from the faucet at our kitchen sink, water from the refrigerator dispenser and water from the new Get Clean pitcher. There was a dramatic difference and the Get Clean pitcher came out the winner. Which was a surprise to me because I seriously thought the water from the refrigerator dispenser would taste better and purer than the water from the pitcher. Big surprise for me—I was pleasantly surprised.

Do you know “the real dirt on clean water”? Did you know that “chemicals, such as pesticides, heavy metals and industrial pollutants,” are in your tap water? Did you know that “up to 20% of human lead exposure comes from drinking water.”

Check out this Get Clean online presentation.

Facts about the Get Clean Water pitcher:

  1. Reduces 59 harmful contaminants which can show up in your tap water supply.

  2. You’ll get 80 gallons of pure, clean water from every filter—“2x’s as many as big-name brands.”

  3. Uses “the first refillable carbon-block pitcher filter system…” which amounts less waste in the landfills.

  4. Adds up to only “pennies a gallon” to get pure, clean water in your home, without buying bottled water.

For more info, check out the site: Get Clean Water

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