Are You Getting the Right Amount of Nutrients in Your Vitamins?

Did you know that vitamins are highly essential to daily health and the body does not naturally produce the necessary vitamins? If you’re only relying on eating the right diet, you’re not going to be able to eat enough food to get the nutrients that you need. It’s impossible. Take a look at this photo which displays all the vital nutrients that are contained in the Vitalizer. In one single vitamin strip or serving of the Vitalizer from Shaklee, you would have to eat all of the following in order to get the same amount of nutrients.

Can you imagine that? It blows my mind that all of the nutrients in the foods pictured above are available in one single strip of vitamins from Shaklee, which are pictured below.

Did you know that there is a difference between vitamins—some are synthetic and some are natural—Check out this helpful article about Synthetic versus Natural Vitamins by Dr. Ben Kim. Taking natural vitamins is better for your body because your body needs the live enzymes which are found in them, but not in synthetic vitamins.

I have noticed that I feel much better when I am exercising regularly and taking my vitamins each day. When I don’t take my vitamins, I feel that I get headaches again. I suffer from migraines and take vitamins that have a high concentration of magnesium (balanced with enough calcium to counteract the effects of diarrhea) and they have helped in lessening and nearly dissipating my headaches altogether.

The Shaklee Vitamins we take have a patented formula that offers high levels of nutrients—this formula helps keep nutrients in a form that is easily accessible into our bodies and the nutrients break down in a way that allows your body to use them to its maximum potential. You don’t lose nutrients along the way like you do with other types of vitamins that don’t have this patented formula.

Vitalizer from the Shaklee Store — You can get FREE Membership with Shaklee when you purchase the Vitalizer. If you put your Vitalizer on AutoShip each month, you get an additional 10% OFF and the cost is $2.38 per day. Imagine all the nutrients you are getting for your body for only $2.38 per day.

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