Devotional: On a Leash

On a Leash

By, Susan Sage

Jazz laid quietly by the fire. The perfect picture—a golden retriever, a roaring fire, and a good book.

Like someone threw a switch, she jumped up and started running. She stopped at a crumb on the floor and worked to get it in her mouth. She ran at the sliding glass door full speed, barking at the squirrel on the other side. She raced at me simply because I was holding a ball. Crazy dog.

I grabbed her collar and talked quietly, petting her as I spoke. As soon as I released her, she leapt at a minute piece of paper on the floor, tried grabbing a pen off the table, then tried pulling my bookmark from its place in my book.

Reluctantly, I picked up her leash. She watched, ears perked, tail wagging. Little did she know with the click of the restraint, her wild actions would end.

She walked beside me and settled next to my chair as if she’d made this decision. No more running wildly, no more attempts at getting everything she shouldn’t, no more crazy barking at outside creatures. Though her freedom was not a problem, her actions during her freedom were.

How is it I can always see myself in my dog?

God offers freedom under His care. Too many times, I make choices that are crazy and, at times, a bit wild. They are outside of what God knows is best for me.

Yet, when He allows natural consequences to restrain me, the results are similar to my dog. When she is on the leash, I don’t even have to hold it in order to maintain her calm demeanor. Once the leash is simply attached to her collar that’s the only reminder she needs of who is in control. God has to do the same thing with me. As long as I am aware of His guidelines and follow His wisdom, I remember that He is in charge and I am submissive to Him.

How I wish I would remember more often to simply release myself to His control so I don’t have to suffer the natural consequences of my decisions. Perhaps I should observe my dog a little more often.

Susan, thank you for sharing today at Pandora's Box. Your words have definitely given us all something to think about.

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About the Author

Susan Sage is from N. California where she lives with her husband, son, and very energetic golden retriever. She writes a weekly blog, found at Susan Sage where she uses every day circumstances to encourage women in their faith walk with God. Susan enjoys reading in many genres, teaching women’s Bible studies, and spending time with friends at every opportunity. Susan speaks for women’s retreats, luncheons, and other engagements. Her topic of choice involves helping women find their identity in God’s love. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and at her website.

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