Is Your Daily Stress Level too High?

Do you think it’s possible to feel great and live great in this day and age or is your daily stress level too high and bringing you down? Did you know that “nearly half of all Americans ages 18 – 49 experience everyday stress and sleep disruption?” (Source: Shaklee) That statistic is staggering and should make us all pause to re-evaluate our lives. What is the stress level in our own lives? Are we allowing the daily stress to overwhelm us or are we allowing ourselves to take a breather and overwhelm the stress?

Stress is Inevitable

We all have busy schedules—full-time jobs, some with second jobs, family commitments, and other obligations—and our lives most likely are extremely stressful. Stress is a part of life, especially in these hectic times. With the downturned economy, job losses, difficult financial times, we don’t always know where to turn and the stress usually turns us into a tailspin of anxiety and despair. One thing that is vitally important as we deal with daily stress is to learn how to take charge of our emotional outlooks and face stressors head-on. Don’t be afraid to face the issues in life.

Strength in Faith in God

In my own life, I find that turning to God is the answer, both in the good times and the bad. I’m a Christian and my faith is the key that keeps me going. Without God I am nothing. However, I have also learned that there are some simple steps to take to help deal with stress. One step that you can take is to start exercising. Physical activity is necessary for a healthy body and also releases endorphins into your body which help you to feel better and happier. My husband and I recently started doing yoga which has been excellent at helping me to alleviate my stress and get a leaner, healthier body.

Natural Solutions to Stress

Another way to alleviate your stress is to be sure to take me time each day. We’re all busy, but if we’re too busy to take time for ourselves each day, then that busyness is going to be our spiritual, emotional and physical undoing. Take a walk at lunch time. Carve out some time during the week to relax with a good book. Go out on a date with your spouse or significant other. Take a day off to spend time with your family or hang out with your girlfriends or with the guys.

Cortisol is a hormone which is linked to stress and when your body becomes stressed, the hormone production increases. If you endure continual stress, then higher levels of cortisol will be produced and that increased productivity has been linked to lasting health impacts. There are supplements which can assist in reducing the production of cortisol. A key ingredient in certain supplements which can reduce cortisol production is beta sitosterol. You should check into taking supplements for stress relief which are natural rather than drug related. Taking nutritional stress relief supplements is great for assisting your stress issues.

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