Getting a Healthy Living Make-Over

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

We all want to be forever young, not necessarily in our actions, but in our physical bodies and our mindset. Hopefully, we don’t carry the live forever young philosophy too far and act like children when we’re adults. However, having faith as a child and believing that life is good and can be good, even when it sometimes seems bad—is the ticket towards getting a healthy living make-over.

Three-Part Being

To be in total body health, we need to take care of our three parts. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in body. We need to always remember that if one of those parts is not in total health, it will bring the other two parts down as well. Getting a healthy living make-over, begins with getting the right positive mental and spiritual outlook in our lives. Some people look to faith in God as the answer. You need to find your own meaning and purpose to life. Once those two parts of your body are in order, then you need to take a look at the physical side.

Take a Personal Inventory

We should begin the healthy living make-over by taking our own personal inventory or health assessment. If we’re feeling sleep deprived, that could very well be because of stress. The lives we live today are so filled with multiple stressors and we don’t know how to organize our daily routines without driving ourselves crazy. On top of that, we need to add daily exercise, at least three times a week, to our schedules. Exercising helps release the endorphins and serotonin which create a sense of overall well-being in our bodies. True, a good workout can create sore muscles, but that’s good because you’re working your body the right way. However, there’s something nice about the satisfaction you get after a good workout.

Getting Rid of Toxins

Ridding our bodies of harmful toxins is a must for a healthy living make-over. Toxins negatively affect our thyroid and can shut down our metabolism. For a natural detox, drinking a cup of hot or cold green tea works really well as a detox. Some green tea does have caffeine so drinking it after the evening hours can hinder sleep. We should always pay attention to the labels on our foods.

Natural Supplements

We should take omega 3 supplements—they stabilize our moods and have few negative side effects. Taking probiotics is also important. They are natural bacteria that help our bodies maintain natural balance of organisms in the intestines. They increase our metabolism and balance our digestive system. Fiber is essential to a healthy diet. Many of us do not get the right amount of fiber in our daily diets. That’s why if you don’t, then taking a fiber drink or supplements is a good idea. Fiber is essential in lowering bad cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Drinking Water

Staying hydrating is so vital to healthy living. Water keeps every part of our body working properly each day. It assists in flushing out waste and keeping our body at the right temperature. We lose water every day when we sweat, urinate, breath and have bowel movements. You can survive longer without food, but not that long without water. It’s essential to drink enough every day, especially as we exercise and in the hot weather.

Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is important, but it’s also been studied that eating smaller meals, two to four, every day can help stimulate our metabolism and improve our health and body composition. Some people have a very good metabolism and they digest their food and this happens consistently and quickly every time they eat. However, not everyone has this great metabolism. So, if you do eat small meals, it will aid your body in properly digesting your food.

Prevention Pays

It’s easier to let our bodies go and not take care of all our three parts. The harder factor is to live each day with the mindset that a healthy living make-over is obtainable. However, when we live with the mindset that we are taking care of our bodies, this prevention will be the best medicine because we’ll be less susceptible to sickness and disease. Prevention is always the best medicine.

Healthy living—mind, body & soul— may prosper in all things: be in health, as your soul prospers. (3 Jn 1:2)

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