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Devotional: Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision

By, Susan Sage

Have you ever thought about your eyes? They’re really amazing. You can be looking straight ahead but still see objects to each side.

Lately, the peripheral vision below my sightline has diminished, so, I have to be careful as I’m walking so I don’t trip over the dog (yep, been there), or miss a step (done that). I’ve even walked into a cabinet that suddenly jumped out at me (let’s go with that, okay?).

I don’t see so clearly anymore.

I can get concerned over what might happen if my vision continues to fail. I might allow myself to think that issues, especially health related, are what life’s about. If I’m having an especially bad day, wandering into the minefield of pity is even possible, thinking that someone, besides me, should care about my body-struggles.

But God, as He often does, calms my mind with a Spiritual reality check. He uses things like a message at church, a song on the radio, or maybe a devotional book, to get my eyes off me and back on His eternal reality.

So, just to clarify, life’s not about my health. I know it’s not an original thought but bear with me.

If life is all about me, my wavering health, shifting hopes, or ever-changing dreams, then I’m in trouble, in fact the whole world is … life is about me.

You see, my plans for life have changed so many times I’ve lost count. My hope of what I wanted to accomplish has shifted like a kaleidoscope’s picture. My dreams have died numerous deaths.

But, God’s have not.

My hope lies in this truth: God’s plan always was to bring people into a relationship with Him. His will has consistently included using whatever means necessary to have it happen, including the death and resurrection of His Son, life’s challenges, or anything else.

God’s direct vision or peripheral vision doesn’t change depending on what’s going on in my body. He is God and is bigger than any life-affecting circumstance. His desire for relationship has never changed.

His plan is more secure.

His goals have not and will not waver.

His will is and always will be for my life, your life, to be about a relationship with Him, for His glory and purpose.

It’s mind boggling to realize He uses my challenges as part of His plan. But, how large a part depends on where I’m looking, where I’m focusing.

If my sight is zeroed in on what I can or can’t do anymore, I’ll miss where and how He still wants me involved in His work.

If my eyes are not lifted to relational eternity, I’ll stress and lose sight of God. How I’m feeling on any day will be more important than my relationship with God.

I guess when it comes down to it, I don’t mind the reality of my peripheral vision diminishing as long as I remember His is not.

God can and will use whatever you and I go through if we’ll remain focused on His vision for our relationship.

Susan, thank you for sharing today at Pandora's Box. I appreciate the reminder to keep our focus on God.

Please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with Susan. She will be a regular contributor here the last Sunday each month. Hope you'll all stop back to check out her devotionals.

Susan Sage is from N. California where she lives with her husband, son, and very energetic golden retriever. She writes a weekly blog, found at Susan Sage where she uses every day circumstances to encourage women in their faith walk with God. Susan enjoys reading in many genres, teaching women’s Bible studies, and spending time with friends at every opportunity. Susan speaks for women’s retreats, luncheons, and other engagements. Her topic of choice involves helping women find their identity in God’s love. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and at her website.

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