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How High are Your Heels?

I like a nice pair of heels but I am not the fashionista type who wears 5” stilettos. If I did, I’d probably fall over and break a leg. My sister, on the other hand, has learned the art of sporting these high heels. I give her and all the other ladies out there who have mastered this art, credit.

Most guys love women in heels. Many women love wearing them even through the pain of hurting feet.

However, have you ever wondered how these heels are hurting your feet?

When I was deciding on a post for today, I found this article, The Worst Shoes for Your Feet on Wed MD and just had to blog about it.

According to this article, Podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner said, “We podiatrists like to call it shoe-icide. She is speaking about the culprit of ultra-high heels and the adverse effects on your feet and ankles—causing anything from chronic foot pain to ankle sprains.

The WB MD article delves into various issues with different shoe types.

For example, ballet flats have no arch support and can cause knee, hip, and back problems. Ortho inserts are an excellent solution for issues with ballet flats.

According to the experts, two inch heels are the best height of shoe you should wear if you’d like to walk in heels. However, the experts advise that even these shoes should be worn in moderation.

Chunky heels reduce the tripping hazards of stilettos and ease the pain and adverse affects on your feet of wearing such high heels. Yet, these chunky heels can cause undo stress on the ball of the foot.

So, what types of heels do you like to wear? Also, don’t forget to check out the article from Web MD to learn more sage advice on shoes and the effects of what you wear on your feet.

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