Healthy Living Blog Party Part I: Consultant Introductions

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Welcome to Pandora’s Box Gazette for a Healthy Living Blog Party.

We have several guests today who are here to chat about living a healthier lifestyle. The online party will consist of five blogs posting throughout the day today, starting with our consultant introductions here.

Please feel free to chat with everyone in the comments section below to enter the drawing for a chance to win some great health and wellness products like a 3-Day Sample of Plexus Slim, 25g of Tonia’s Pumpkin Match, and Samples of Arbonne’s RE9 Anti-Aging Skin Care. When commenting, please provide your email address to be entered in the drawing.

So let’s begin this party by introducing our consultants. You can also chat with them at the Pandora’s Box Gazette Facebook Group.

Paula Thomas, Arbonne Consultant

Paula enjoys watching her grandchildren during the week. She loves the freedom she has to stay home and do that. To supplement her income, she became an Arbonne Consultant. She has always loved using the Arbonne products. They are consistent and have superior, botanically based products. The excellent skin care products give her skin a softness and glow each and every day.

Connect with her at her website:

Christine Schmidt, Pampered Chef & Plexus Consultant

This March is Christine’s 14th anniversary with Pampered Chef. It has been a journey, where she has grown, and found a passion for entertaining and cooking. It has helped pay off debt and helped her to pursue some of her desires to travel and grow as a person. Traveling has allowed Christine to create new memories, meet new people, and explore countries like England and Japan. She loves meeting new people and working with them to provide a fun night for their friends and family, and adding new gadgets to their kitchen. You can connect with Christine at her Pampered Chef and Plexus websites.

Jennifer Parente, Steeped Tea & Plexus Consultant

By day, Jen teaches Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Honors Anatomy, Forensics, and AP Environmental Science at a private Christian School. She loves her students. To supplement her income, she hosts tea parties with Steeped Tea. She also has a supplement company called Plexus, which offers products focused on intestinal health.

You can visit her online at My Steeped Tea Party, and Shop My Plexus.

Bijal Codispoti, Norwex Consultant

Bijal has been married 8.5 years to her wonderful husband and she has a beautiful 15-month-old daughter. She and her husband love to swing dance! She joined Norwex because she wants a clean house, but hated using cleaning products. She can't stand breathing in all the chemicals! She needed something that was safe, fast, and did not smell! That's when she found Norwex! After using a few products, she fell in love with them! So here she is now, a Norwex consultant! You can connect with Bijal at her website.

Now that we’ve met the consultants, please feel free to post your comments below. You can ask questions and connect with these wonderful ladies at this blog or at the Pandora’s Box Gazette Facebook Group Page.

When commenting, don’t forget to include your email address the first time so that you can be entered to win in the wellness giveaway. We’ll be back again at 11 am to start our chat on healthy foods. Hope to see you there.

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