Healthy Living Blog Party Part III: Exercise

We’re back at Pandora’s Box Gazette for Part III of our Healthy Living Blog Party.

Thank you all for sticking with us today. Let’s chat about staying healthy with exercise. Don’t forget to chat with our consultants by posting your comments below and including your email to be entered in to the drawing to win some great health and wellness products. You can also chat with them at the Pandora’s Box Gazette Facebook Group.

Bijal do you have an exercise routine?

Currently, I do not have any but I go Swing dancing once a week. My good friend Mary Bem is a Beachbody coach. She motivates me whenever I am ready to work out.

That’s great to have such a knowledgeable person in your life to help you with exercising. Paula, what is your current exercise routine like? If you don’t have one, have you made plans to start one this year?

As of now, I don’t have time to exercise because I babysit my grandchildren every day. When the weather is nice I go for walks. Watching the kids daily is enough exercise for me right now. They sure keep me going. I will be outside more now in the Spring and Summer with the kids and play with them. When on vacation, we do a lot of walking and play tennis.

I don’t go to the gym either right now. However, I do go for walks during the week when I can. I also do yoga and plyometrics. Jen, what is your current exercise routine like?

I swim at the YMCA about 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. I love the pool.

Swimming is definitely a great way to get a good workout. Christine, do you have any new exercise goals for this year?

My goal this year has been to add more exercise. I started out the year doing Tai Chi, but hurt my foot and had to take a break. In the past, I have used T-Tapp and my treadmill. I’ll be going back to T-Tapp which has helped me lose inches and lower blood sugar.

Sorry to hear about your foot. Sounds like some great goals for this year. Does anyone have any funny workout stories that happened to them while at the gym or when exercising at home?

Last year I decided to buy an inflatable kayak, because I didn’t have anywhere to place a hard sided kayak. We took it to Lake Nockamixon on Fourth of July, inflated it, and pulled it onto the water. I went to sit in it and completely flipped out back into the water. So embarrassing. We got back to the kayak rental to return a second kayak and one of the customers had seen me flip out and was laughing. Oh well, I had to laugh along with him, because looking back on it was pretty funny.

I’m glad you were okay. I’ve had my own share of embarrassing moments in life, but none when at the gym. My most embarrassing one occurred during a semi-recreational outing. My husband and I were at the beach relaxing and enjoying the day. When we were packing up to leave, I lifted up my arms to close our beach umbrella and my strapless bikini top came unclasped and left me in an embarrassing bare-it-all situation! I was stunned for a second—which seemed like an eternity—until I quickly called for my husband to bring me a towel so I could make myself presentable for the public again. Needless to say, he turned around very stunned, but spun into action. I left the beach that day so thankful that I’d never have to see any of those people again who had witnessed my embarrassing display. I haven’t worn a strapless bikini top since then!

Thank you ladies for sharing your exercise routines and funny workout stories. We’ll be back at 3 pm to talk about home remedies, one of my favorite subjects!

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