Healthy Living Blog Party Part IV: Home Remedies

Thanks for joining us again. We’re back for Part IV of the Healthy Living Blog Party at Pandora's Box Gazette.

We’ll be chatting with our consultants about home remedies. Don’t forget to chat with our consultants by posting your comments below and including your email to be entered in to the drawing to win some great health and wellness products. You can also chat with them at the Pandora’s Box Gazette Facebook Group.

Jen, do you have any home remedies to share?

I use coconut oil for just about everything. It is a great make-up remover, hair conditioner, and skin softener. I also make my own bath-bombs with my leftover tea leaves.

I just found a recipe for making homemade toothpaste with coconut oil and some other natural products. I can’t wait to try my hand at making that! Bath-bombs with tea leaves sound interesting. I’d love to hear more about that some time. Paula, do you have any home remedies to share or have you ever tried to make your own toothpaste, soap or anything else homemade, like tomato sauce, wine, bread etc.?

I have helped make tomato sauce and I do make homemade bread.

Homemade bread is delicious. We have a bread maker, but I don’t use it as often as I should. Right now, we’ve been buying organic Italian bread that my husband loves. We make our own tomato sauce, but I’d love to try to make homemade dough to make our own pizza too.

Christine, what is your view on homeopathic medicine versus traditional medicine?

I’ve always done a mix both. I currently see a chiropractor 2x a month for adjustment and acupuncture. I’ve seen a huge improvement in acupuncture with my sciatic nerve. I also use Plexus supplements to help with the symptoms of my health issues. It won’t cure the disease but it will help you manage the symptoms to feel better.

Thanks for sharing. I started my journey with natural solutions 13 years ago when my husband and I got married. I had a bad sinus infection and heard about the neti pot. I’ve used that ever since and also drink alfalfa tea every day, which is considered the “Father of all minerals.” Those remedies, in addition to the Shaklee vitamins I take have helped me as well with my allergy issues.

Does anyone have any health testimonies where home remedies—like using eucalyptus to help with breathing helped you with your specific health issues?

Last fall I had a severe sinus infection for about 6 weeks. I used colloidal silver in a nasal rinse and it was finally gone. I’ve also had some great results from using Plexus over the past year. As of June 2016, Triglycerides were down 108 points. LDL down 56 points. Cholesterol down 76 points. I lost over 5” and 12 pounds. I usually get respiratory infections in the spring and fall. Last fall I had a nasty sinus infection, but it never turned into a respiratory infection. The amazing thing is I haven’t had to use my nebulizer since last May. I usually use it every time the season changes. I currently take the Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, Probio5, MegaX, and the XFactor.

Thank you for sharing that Christine. I’ve also used a colloidal silver nasal spray several times a week. It has helped with my allergy issues. Jen, do you have any testimonies?

Plexus products helped me lose weight and give me tons of energy.

Paula, do you have any to share?

I take alfalfa every day for my sinuses, but it also helps with my arthritis. I take Arbonne natural supplements, which have helped me as well.

Jen, what is your view on homeopathic medicine versus traditional medicine?

I believe that there is a place for both. It really depends on the condition.

I agree. That’s a very sage opinion. Paula, what are your thoughts on this issue?

I prefer homeopathic medicine to traditional medicine, because it is better for your body.

I agree with that too. It’s definitely better for you. Bijal, do you have any health testimonies where home remedies helped you with your specific health issues?

My husband uses Relief Factor and it really helps him. He used to wake up with pain in his hands and feet and after taking Relief Factor he has no pain! He got pain in his feet from an injury. The Relief Factor took away almost all of his pain. It takes care of the inflammation, which causes the pain.

Thank you for sharing your testimonies ladies! I’ve been enjoying our discussions immensely. It’s time for another break and we’ll be back at 5 pm to wrap up the discussion time.

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