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Over 100 Million Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain

Did you know that over 116 million Americans are afflicted by chronic pain?

According to the Institute of Medicine, chronic pain is one of the main health problems among Americans—as well as a major reason why they miss work. There is a difference between acute pain and chronic pain. The former is painful for a time but then heals after a time of rest and medications. The latter is worse because it completely negatively affects your life.

According to Dr. Peter Abaci, Chronic pain differs from acute pain, “which is a symptom of tissue damage and inflammation when you first get injured. This type of pain gets better with a little rest and responds well to medications because it is an experience that can overwhelm you for months and years.” He further details that chronic pain “is a disease, and if you aren’t careful it can rob you of things you cherish most in life—such as your independence, health, family and career.”

So what are some common causes of chronic pain?

They include: diseases of the spine, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Chronic pain is often accompanied by depression, insomnia and anxiety. There are some ways to treat and attack chronic pain. You can check out this article by Dr. Peter Abaci, Take Charge of your Chronic Pain for more information on treating this condition.

Solutions suggested by Dr. Abaci

Some of the solutions that Dr. Abaci suggests are to take several breaks from your desk and computers throughout the day. Take breaks from using your cell phones. It’s good to take the time to prepare healthy meals even in your busy schedule. If you can get outside for some fresh air, as well as exercise and even take some quiet moments to relax, those moments will “filter out all nervous energy running through your brain.” Keeping active helps to keep the mind sharper and lowers stress.

Choosing to take natural supplements for chronic pain relief is always a good option. Especially taking supplements with such ingredients as boswellia and safflower extracts helps to provide relief for overworked joints, most likely with continued use.

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