Have You Wondered How to Get Paid for Working as a Freelance Writer?

It has never been easier than this present time to learn how to get paid by starting a freelance writing career and get paid for working from home.

Have you wondered if there are any reliable, legit freelance writing jobs where you can get paid to work comfortably at home? One legitimate freelance writing opportunity is working with Zemandi. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to work from home? You can set your own hours and work in the comfort of your own home office. Getting paid is the fun part! This company has an abundance of freelance assignments for the writer with a voracious appetite. You’ll always be busy and busy is good.

Setting your own hours is one of the benefits.

If you work better in the morning, then write in the morning. If you write better in the afternoon, then write then. Or if the evening hours are when you shine, write then. There is one caveat, though, to writing with this service. The moment you accept an assignment, there is a time limit of when you need to complete the assignment. This shouldn’t be a problem, because once you set time aside to start an assignment, you’ll have enough time to complete one. A small amount of online research is usually needed to complete assignments.

When you work with Zemandi, you get paid directly into your PayPal account every week.

You don’t have to wait until the end of the month until you get paid for your work. The payment is made weekly on Mondays. Although, in order to get paid for your first payment, you need to complete articles, worth $20—which is approximately 6 – 10 articles. Completing one article doesn’t take that long. Just stay focused on the task, follow all the directions and you’ll complete it within time and then be able to get more articles done. Be sure that every article you write is not plagiarized, but is an original article you completed. Pay attention to those easy rules and building a freelance career working from home will be fun and uncomplicated.

You will have to abide by the required word length for each article as well as the other specified key words needed and how many are required—and where they need to be placed in the article. Don’t be worried that this will make the job harder. As long as you keep to the guidelines, you’ll be able to complete the articles no problem. The more detail oriented you are, the better off you’ll be in working as a freelance writer with this company.

They also offer a referral program for writers.

This is an added incentive on how to get paid and begin making more money. After you finish your first nine articles, you’ll receive a referral code that you can provide to other writing prospects. They can sign up with Zemandi as well and then receive their own assignments. You’ll get paid $5 per referral who completes their $20 worth of articles and you’ll receive a percentage for others in your down line.

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