Learn How to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

What’s the fuel that our bodies need to function naturally? That fuel is sugar. Now, is there a problem with eating sugar? The problem comes into play when we eat too much of it.

That’s when it becomes bad for us. We can and should eat naturally occurring sugars found in fruits, some veggies and milk. The problem lies in eating too much of the added sugars which are not naturally found in the foods we eat. Those sugars are added during the processing and preparation stages.

So how do we manage our sugar intake and stop the cravings for it? Is it necessary to completely cut out desserts from our daily diets?

As with everything in life, the key to success and total health and well-being is to eat in moderation.

In addition to that philosophy is to eat more naturally occurring sugars in the fruits and veggies. It would be wonderful to eat only pure organic foods rather than processed foods; however, that’s not always possible. It’s usually only an option for those who can afford to eat that way. What do people who don’t have the money to eat all organic, do to be healthy? One ray of sunshine on the horizon is that many major companies are now getting the message that consumers are smart. Consumers want to know what’s in their foods and how they can start to eat a more healthy diet. These companies have now been cutting back on sugar additives in their food products.

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According to Dr. Marcelle Pick, in this article, Sweet Poison - Kicking Your Sugar Addiction, craving sugar is a very powerful urge. Let’s face it; we all have craved sugar at some point in our lives. It’s our bodies’ fuel and is necessary, but we just can’t have too much of it. We may not realize exactly how much sugar we’re actually digesting each day. Dr. Pick suggests that we start to keep track of our sugar intake so that we see the issue at hand and if we need to make some changes in our diets. Dr. Pick further explains that “sugar contributes to serious short and long-term health problems, like excess weight gain, hormonal imbalance, skin and dental issues, as well as osteoporosis, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.”

Willpower is great and we need to become more disciplined as it pertains to our diets and total body health and wellness.

However, craving sugar and stopping those cravings is not all about willpower and our emotional roller coasters. Dr. Pick explains that “we now understand that there may be several underlying physiologic causes feeding what feels like a desperate desire for sugar.”

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