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How to Add Inspiration to Your Website

If you haven’t already figured it out, the key ingredient to making your online presence stand out from the crowd is content. Content is king and you need to provide up-to-date, thought-provoking information for your readers.

When creating an online hub, you need to provide content that is vibrant and inspiring…in order to draw readers back to your website or blog. You want them to continue to visit your online hub so that they keep coming back for more info and updates about your services and seek you out as a leader in your industry. An essential factor in finding and maintaining a loyal readership is to have a website which inspires.

What’s your current website design like?

You should have a centralized theme for your website, which is based off of your current business logo design…which features your business name.

If you don’t have a logo yet, you should create one or utilize the services of a media arts company to assist you. Is it really a big deal to have a logo? It is a big deal and with the proper name branding, your specific logo is the key to setting you apart from the competition. It’s the symbol of recognition which your customers or clients will see and immediately know which company it is referring to.

The logo for Nike or the store, Target, is very well known. They’ve done an excellent job of branding their name and logo so that their logo has instant name recognition. These businesses created a logo which is emblematic of their name or mission. They did the necessary branding to get that instant name recognition. This “graphic or emblem causes instant public recognition of your company.”

There are other aspects of your online design which can inspire—the logo isn’t the only part of your design which can inspire others to connect with your business.

The color template which you utilize goes a long way towards making a big or not so big impact with website or blog visitors. A color which is too bright will turn most visitors off and they won’t stay too long at your site.

Did you know that certain fast food restaurants purposefully have a design pattern of colors which a person can only handle for a short period of time? Then they want to leave the restaurant. Well, it’s a fast food place after all. They have a lot of patrons coming in and out and they don’t want people to stay for very long. You need to take this same technique and use it to your best advantage with your website. Do you have a theme to go along with your logo and company name? Colors and background design have an impact on what you’re trying to achieve with your website.

Let’s take the example of an author of inspirational romance. He or she would most likely want the blog or website to have a background design with lighter colors, with a more airy feel. On the other hand, if this author writes gothic or graphic romance novels, he or she is definitely going to opt for a darker color scheme, which would work better to showcase or inspire the darker writing style to his or her work.

What type of content are you providing on your blog or website?

Do you want to keep your readership loyal and continually draw them back to your blog? If you’ve answered yes to that question, then you need to work on providing excellent content. If you’d like to inspire others, then be inspirational in your own approach. Don’t put shoddy content out there. That will never compete well with others. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you need to properly proofread your copy before posting it onto your blog or website. Something that will immediately devalue your credibility is if the content that you’re putting online is full of grammatical errors. Keep your content detailed but not overwhelming.

Your readers will lose interest if your website, blog or marketing material is overly jammed packed with information. When you’re marketing, less is usually more.

Of course you need to provide all the pertinent information to your readers and potential prospects, but you also need to find that delicate balance between providing the right information in a way that will inspire and also captivate.

In the end, if you’ve done your homework—creating an inspiring design, creating a catchy logo, consistently providing worthwhile content—then you’ll inspire readers, clients and customers alike. In return for your time and investment, you will get traffic to your site. With the amount of competition out there online these days, if you’re not taking the right steps to making your website stand out from the crowd, you will find yourself left in the dust. Always work hard to put your best foot forward.

Provide professional, specifically targeted material, and with time and consistent effort, you’ll be amazed at the influx of the consumer base being driven to your online hub.

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