Learning to Defend Your Immune System & Stay Healthy

We all run the risk of getting sick, especially when our immune systems have been attacked and are run down. What can attack our immune systems?

Excessive stress can deplete our bodies’ supply of Vitamin B stores. This vitamin is vital for proper bodily functions from heart health to DNA synthesis, energy metabolism and stress management. Our bodies are continually under attack each day from a variety of factors. If our bodies are stressed, that can lead to sleep deprivation. That continues with a vicious cycle of wearing down our bodies’ natural defenses—then we’re more susceptible to get sick.

Along with limiting the daily stressors, we need to combine consistent exercise with a nutritious and balanced diet.

This is a three part formula which will help us defend our immune systems and continue to stay healthy. However, we do not get all the valuable nutrition that our bodies so desperately need to maintain total body health.

What’s the best option? We need to supplement our diets with vitamins, especially natural ones.

There are some important ingredients which need to be included in the daily supplements that you take. It’s vital to have Vitamin D3, the “sunshine” vitamin which is central to supporting immune health. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and most likely we don’t eat the proper amount of these fruits. So we need to be sure to take vitamin supplements which include this valuable, immune protecting vitamin. Fish oil Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial in supporting healthy hearts, vascular health and brain health. Don’t forget about this valuable nutrient. The daily supplement needs to include a comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral as well. Make sure that you don’t take synthetic vitamins, which can do more harm than good and they aren’t worth the money we pay for them. They don’t have live enzymes like organic supplements, but contain only chemicals or synthetic fillers.

Another factor which wears down our immune systems is pollution.

If our immune systems are weak from stress, sleep deprivation and lack of proper nutrition in our diets, our bodies are more vulnerable to environmental challenges which can negatively impact our health. It always pays off in the long run to take preventive measures towards keeping sickness at bay. We won’t beat the cold and flu season all the time, but if we take prevention and follow some simple rules, we’ll be headed in the right direction and keep our immune systems strong.

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