If you Place Job Ads on Craigslist, Check this Out

Many people have been searching for jobs, especially in this difficult economy. Employers need to advertise for job openings. Then there are the business owners who are advertising for various business opportunities they are offering.

Craigslist has become the go to place for all the different types of people mentioned above. This site receives an extremely high amount of traffic each month. They definitely have achieved good name recognition in their branding. For the home-based business owner who needs to place ads online for his or her business—whether he or she is looking for more home workers or just wants to advertise services, those ads can get ghosted.

Ghosted…sounds like something out of a thriller novel. When you place your ad, Craigslist sends you a confirmation that your ad was posted.

The problem arises that you take that confirmation at face value and don’t even think to actually check on the site to see if your ad was really posted. If you’ve been posting ads and receiving these automatic confirmation notifications, then you should definitely begin checking if your ads are actually posting. Craigslist has gotten so big that they are now utilizing an automated computer system which checks through all the ads which are posted.

With this program there are specific criteria dictating which ads will get ghosted and which ads don’t. For those who have done their homework and understand the system, then they have a much higher chance of their ads not getting ghosted. The majority of their ads will stick. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you follow all the rules dictated by this system, you can expect to have a small percentage of ads ghosted. There is no way to completely avoid getting ghosted on Craigslist. However, you can maximize your chances for success if you apply the following strategy.

It should be noted that you are only permitted to post up to three ads per email account with craigslist. Also, you can only post ads on one account every 48 hours.

So, basically, if you want to post a good amount of free ads on craigslist, you’ll need to open multiple accounts—with different email addresses, passwords, phone numbers and internet IP addresses for each account.

If you don’t follow these rules, you may get notified by craigslist that your ads were posted, but they’ll really be ghosted. That’s why you need to play by the rules and always check about fifteen minutes after you post your ads to make sure they actually did get posted. Now, even when you play by the rules, sometimes not every ad will stick, but it will be a much higher percentage rate that do, provided you play by the rules.

That could pose a problem since that means you can only post from one account at your home IP address.

Although, if you have smart phones with internet access, each phone will have its own IP address and you can post from the phones. We actually purchased four pre-paid phones and use them with each account and we go to four local libraries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (same time each day) to post ads. We’ve seen success with our ads sticking. The reason you need a phone number for each account is because when you post (not every day), but sometimes you’ll need to request an access code from craigslist to be sent to your phone. Also, you need to have a phone through a major service provider. Phones through Vonage and other VOIP services are not accepted.

Another thing to consider with posting the ads—don’t put the link to your capture page or blog site as hyperlinked.

Make sure you write out the link and direct interested parties to copy and paste the link into the web browser to go watch the informational video. If you list a phone number, make it different in each add like: 215-352-3028 and add “/” or “:” or “\” etc. in between the numbers to give variety.

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