Earth Day 2017: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

By, Paula Thomas

March is here and it is time for spring cleaning. We clean our house, wash the windows and clean the curtains because the change from winter to spring often brings the urge to spring clean.

Why should your makeup bag miss out? Take the opportunity to look in your makeup bag. Then without thinking twice throw away old products, clean your bag, and wash your brushes.

I have to admit I never thought about doing this myself until just recently, so I wanted to share this with all of you.

Throwing away old makeup

We often forget that makeup does have an expiration date and it is important to check on these regularly as different types of makeup have different expirations. I would suggest that you check the backs of your makeup products when you purchase them. Check for the Period After Opening (PAO). This symbol looks like a little pot with a number and the letter “m” which indicates the number of months you should ideally use the product for. For example, ‘12m’ means that once you have opened a product you should realistically stop using this product after 12 months.

Washing your makeup bag

Your makeup bag can be home to a large amount of bacteria and germs, so keeping it clean is the key. This was a revelation to me!!! Wow never thought of that. Anyway the best way to freshen your makeup bag is to put it in the washing machine for a good thorough wash. If it can’t be put in the washing machine then clean it with an antibacterial cleanser.

Cleaning your cosmetic brushes

You can use a small amount of gentle body wash as our Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser, with some warm water. Clean brushes and then rinse well under running water to get out all the cleanser. Pat them with a clean towel to dry. Make sure to either lay them down flat or slightly angled with brushes facing downward so the water doesn’t drip inside the brush head.

Let's Meet the Author

Paula Thomas, Arbonne Consultant

Paula enjoys watching her grandchildren during the week. She loves the freedom she has to stay home and do that. To supplement her income, she became an Arbonne Consultant. She has always loved using the Arbonne products. They are consistent and have superior, botanically based products. The excellent skin care products give her skin a softness and glow each and every day.

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