Working the 9 – 5 and Gaining Weight at Work

According to a recent survey which was conducted last winter by Career Builders, “44% of workers have gained weight in their current jobs.”

Now, I work from home and with my husband in our marketing business and I have also noticed that because we’re more sedentary during the day time hours, we’ve both gained weight in the last year.

Of course, if you work in an office or other setting where you sit during a good portion of the day, you need to add exercise to your daily routine. With an office job, not only are you sitting during the day, you also are sitting again in your car on your drive to and from work, then sit again at home watching TV—you are sitting too long and it’s not good for your health. This type of situation is definitely not good for your weight issues. Being too sedentary each day is not a way to lose weight, but you’ll gain more weight.

Watching your weight not only keeps your body looking well, it is also vitally important to manage your weight so that your body is healthy.

You definitely need to try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine—at least a few times a week. Although, you still need to do more because the few hours each week that you are exercising won’t balance out the high amount of hours that you are sitting. So, how else can you combat this issue and manage your weight more efficiently?

Take a break during the day. Make sure you go out of your office for a lunch break—even if you bring your own lunch, get up and go for a walk or spend some time standing. Change positions throughout the day—when I was working at my day job, I used to spend some time standing at my desk. I would raise my computer keyboard up onto a box and stand at the computer while I worked. It really helped when I worked, especially since I had a long commute and would be in the car for a while every day.

You can also invest in an adjustable standing desk like Varidesk.

Keeping in some sort of motion throughout the day helps you manage your weight. If you are on the phone during the day and don’t need to simultaneously type at the computer, stand up and pace, while talking.

Did you know that only 9% of workers actually move during their lunch hour?

That’s not good and does not help you in your weight management. Keep moving during the lunch hour and take time to go for a walk with your co-workers. Use the stairs and don’t take the lazy way of always using the elevator. Always keep your weight management in mind. Prevention is the best medicine.

Another issue with gaining weight at work is that people don’t eat healthy lunches. They don’t usually bring their lunch from home to work and rather go out to eat. In this economy it’s getting more difficult for people to spend extra money on eating out. This can definitely be a good thing when it comes to trying to manage your weight. With vending machines in some office buildings, people often eat snacks during the day which does not bode well for weight control. Also, bringing lunch from home will help you control your portion sizes and allows you to make healthier choices of bringing nutritious foods.

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