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Learning a Lesson from Our Pets

Some businesses allow employees to bring their dogs to work with them. It’s been known to be a great incentive when hiring new employees.

People who have dogs love the fact that they can bring their dog to work. It helps when employees need to stay late at work since they don’t need to worry about rushing home to feed their dog and take their dog out for a walk. Dog owners who take advantage of this policy and bring their dogs to work will think twice about leaving their current place of employment. This is a great benefit for employers—there will be a low turn around for employees leaving.

Employers using this strategy in their place of business have also found that it will improve the morale in the workplace.

As long as the employees’ dogs are well behaved, it creates a great and friendly environment. It helps to promote camaraderie amongst other pet owners in the workplace. Who doesn’t like a cute, furry dog?

Also, this policy at the workplace promotes pet adoption.

There are many people who might want to adopt a homeless pet but can’t because of work and not being home during the day to walk the dog etc. When employers adopt this bring your pet to work policy, they are helping to promote pet adoptions because more people can now adopt dogs—since they can take their dogs to work. You can read more about this topic at “Dog Days,” from Costco Connection Magazine.

What can we learn from our pets; especially our canine friends. So what characteristics do dogs have? They are known to be “man’s best friend” and extremely loyal. I read an article the other day that a dog went to his owner’s grave site and slept their every night. Now that’s loyalty. We need to show our customers and clients that same sense of loyalty if we want to keep their business coming in and they’ll be loyal customers in return.

Our canine friends are also known to be patient and very accepting of their human owners (unlike cats, who are very independent).

We need to bring this mentality into our business acumen as an entrepreneur.

No one is perfect. We’re not and our customers aren’t and neither are our clients and those who work for us. It’s all part of being human. We need to expect that mistakes will happen and have an action plan of acceptance and restoration when they do occur.

Our canine friends have a “happy” attitude and love to play fetch and be near their owners. They know how to be “thankful.”

We should act that way in our business as well. When your employees show excellence, respond in kind and praise them for their accomplishments.

When your customers and clients have successes that you find out about, congratulate them and let them know that you care about their achievements.

Finally, learn to have the same dogged perseverance that canines have. Don’t give up on your dreams, but be prepared to do the hard work that’s necessary for success to happen.

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