Pillow Talk

Are you sleeping on the proper pillow?

I know for me, personally, I was not always paying particular attention to the pillows I bought. My husband is the more conscientious one when it comes to purchasing top notch quality that will last longer—one of the many reasons he’s a keeper!

Anyway, back to my pillow talk! So, we recently bought new pillows—the memory foam kind, and I’ve had better nights’ sleep because of them.

Pillows are not just supposed to help you sleep well—they also help in promoting overall health.

If you’re using the wrong pillow, you could be damaging your body rather than helping it.

A pillow really needs to properly support your head, neck and back.

So, have you put a lot of thought into your pillow or you haven’t really given it a second thought—if the latter is the case, then that could very well be why you are experiencing poor sleep patterns and neck, back and shoulder pain.

I learned an interesting fact today—according to Beth Mack (Chief Merchandising Officer for Hollander Home Fashions), “about 70 percent of people sleep on their sides, 20 percent are primarily back sleepers and 10 percent are stomach sleepers.”

So I guess I’m part of the majority. For each type of sleeper, there is a specific type of pillow you should be using.

For more details on this, check out this article: A Place to Lay Your Head: The Proper Pillow is an Investment in Your Health.

So, are you one of the 70%, the 20% or 10%? Do you use the right pillow when you sleep? We’d love to hear from you.

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