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Technology Corner: Do You Offer FREE WiFi?

Do You Offer FREE WiFi?

By, David Thomas

Many businesses have found it necessary to provide free WiFi for their customer’s conveyance.

Providing the free service allows individuals and other business owners to use the locations for hanging out, mini meetings and provide a free service for customers looking to get plugged in with free WiFi. While providing this free WiFi access may bring new customers to their locations, this also opens the business up to potential unwanted visits to illegal websites.

Many business owners are surprised this can be an issue.

When meeting with business owners, one of the first questions I ask is about their WiFi and who has access to it after hours.

Many don’t realize that just because they close their business for the night their “FREE” WiFi is still open and available for ANYONE to use after hours.

80% usually tell me they never even thought about it. 18% are mixed with their answers and some don't think anyone uses it after hours, but aren't sure. While only 2% actually have a solution in place to help minimize their liability.

As a business owner you need to protect your business and put into place effective procedures to safeguard your network and internet account.

Remember your internet account is in your business name. If someone can drive up and park next to your building after hours and stream movies, videos and visit illegal websites you are opening up your business to potential legal issues.

Let's Meet the Author

David Thomas is the owner of DT Associates with 25 years experience in Multi-Industry Information Technology Solutions & Strategies. They offer technology solutions and build trust one customer at a time.

To find out more about these potential issues and how you can put into place safeguards to protect your business, contact us via email, their website, or phone: 267-253-9933 (Mobile)

“Technology Solutions, Building Trust with One Customer at a Time…N L I"

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