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Leveraging Your Business and Building a Promising Lead List

Leveraging your business can be tricky if you don’t have any idea where to start. For this article today, we’ll be focusing on legitimate home based business affiliates and ideas on leveraging your business for success.

Time freedom is what we’re after, right? Isn’t that why most people start a business, especially a legitimate home based business?

However, starting from zero leads and learning the ropes of navigating in today’s current internet marketing arena can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

In order to learn the correct method for how to market a product, you need to first know all the ins and outs of your product.

What is it? How does it work? Are you using this product for yourself? If this product isn’t “good enough” for you to use, how do you expect to have a convincing enough sales pitch to get your prospective customer to buy it or join as affiliates? Do you know what the niche market is for your product or business affiliate? What types of people would be interested in your product?

If you’re looking for more representatives or affiliates, you would be targeting the entrepreneur market.

Twitter is a great way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, who have the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives your legitimate home based business. Those are the same, like-minded people that you want to connect with. Trying to give a sales pitch to the wrong market is a sure recipe for disaster.

Once you’ve found the right prospects in the niche market for your business, then you need to have the right sales pitch.

Ask engaging questions and draw your prospect in to the conversation. Don’t allow the conversation to be all about you, your product and the business. Ask questions and start to make an emotional connection with your prospect. This person will appreciate this type of sales pitch and won’t run away or resent your sales approach.

There are three important factors in making your legitimate home based business succeed in the online internet marketing arena.

You should have an awesome capture page which “captures” the attention of leads and compels them to give their email address, which will then bring them to your sales page. Now, if you’re selling products like herbal goods etc., this should be your website where the leads can purchase your products and find out more about the opportunity as affiliates in your business.

Now, if you’re selling a marketing product you want to have your leads go to a sales page which is a compelling testimonial video about the product and opportunity for them as affiliates.

You want less filler information and more “killer”, compelling information. In this instance, less is more. You want to your leads to want to know more about what you have to offer and what your legitimate home based business is all about.

The best scenario is that you’ll get leads that are ready to buy and know what they want—which, is time freedom and the opportunity to be able to make money with a legitimate home based business.

Once these leads turn into customers, you get them in to the company at low costs, but with high value.

Then you can leverage the platform of your affiliate business model and up-sell the customer. As this person sees the value in this legitimate home based business model, they’ll become a valued customer and bloom into an entrepreneur themselves.

You need to find the prospects who are interested in your legitimate home based business opportunity and NOT find leads who are not interested in joining as affiliates.

Giving a sales pitch to someone who is interested, or at least vaguely interested, has a higher chance of joining you in your business than someone who is barely interested at all. Now who do you want to come in contact with? Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Leveraging your business takes time, but if you’re a newbie, remember the following—know your product, know the niche market, have the right capture pages and sales pages, and only give your sales pitch to the right people.

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