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Proper Care for Wooden Cutting Boards

Who doesn’t love a wooden cutting board—however, there are certain tips you must take to care for them; otherwise you will have harmful bacteria forming in the crevices.

Wooden cutting boards are sturdy and wood just looks nicer (at least in my opinion) compared to plastic ones.

As you are cutting with a knife on the cutting board, the knife is going to make grooves where juices from the food will seep into.

You must always maintain the cleanliness of your wooden cutting boards by washing with soap and water and even using hydrogen peroxide to clean the board as well.

Another way to prevent harmful bacteria from forming is to seal the board with mineral oil every week or every few weeks, depending on how often you use the cutting board.

“This will help prevent moisture from foods from soaking into the wood which can harbor bacteria and also separate the joints, destroying your board.”

Make certain this is done several times when you first purchase the cutting board, especially before you cut chicken, fish or meats on the board.

After you wash the board, be sure to dry it and don’t let water sit on it for any length of time. You want to make certain not to keep the board damp.

For more tips on caring for your wooden cutting boards, check out this article: How to Care for Wooden Cutting Boards.

Do you use wooden cutting boards? How do you care for them?

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