Learning How to Blog Effectively

A blog is different than your website because as a blogger, you are making daily or weekly posts to an online platform, where you share your thoughts on certain subjects.

Working as a blogger can be a fun way to share your opinions and interact with readers and other authors online.

If you’re just starting out as a blogger, you may have a wide variety of ideas to blog about. However, maybe you don’t. So—how to be an effective blogger—when you don’t have any ideas to blog about, can be stifling, to your creative processes.

What do you do when you have writer’s block as a blogger?

You know what I mean—when you should blog about something but you’ve written everything interesting in the past few days and you can’t possibly think of anything else that someone would want to read. Then you wonder if you should sit at the computer, staring at a blank screen until the blogger inspiration hits. What’s the point to blogging anyway, you think. Will anyone really care if you don’t blog today?

Well, there is a point to being an effective blogger.

Your readers do want to hear what you have to say. Don’t waste too much time staring at the blank screen, but walk away and busy yourself with some other task until you find that blogger inspiration. When you think you are inspired again, go back to the computer and go online. Read other blogs. See what other bloggers are blogging about. Maybe this will inspire you to find your own blog topic for the day.

If your blog is usually very informative about writing or editing or marketing your work, it’s okay to take a break from those kinds of posts and write about an interesting experience you’ve had or something that has affected your life. Your post doesn’t have to be a long essay, but just share your thoughts. If you don’t have anything profound to say, well then say that and maybe the inspiration will flow and you’ll write a great blog post.

Using the Internet and Other People for Inspiration

I am using Google Alerts to get notified any time someone searches for my books, my name, or Pandora's Box Gazette. I also utilize it to get notified when inspirational romance novelists post blog entries online. Of course, as a blogger, you don’t want to plagiarize, but you can read what others are writing in the hopes that you will be inspired to share your own thoughts.

Do a search online to locate articles on what authors and bloggers should blog about.

If you are blogging five times a week or more, it’s only natural that you will eventually hit a brick wall and have absolutely nothing to say in your blog. You have a choice—you can either not blog for the day or two or three days—or you can try to find your inspiration again and look at things with a new perspective. However, if you decide not to blog for a few days, make sure it’s only a few because once you stop; you may get into a rut and stop blogging completely. Chat with your readers and try to find your inspiration.

As a blogger, you can also add variety to your blog and it doesn’t always have to be you writing the posts.

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I am working on locating novice writers who want to be interviewed. I am also networking with book reviewers who blog and who are also interested in being a guest blogger.

Just don’t give up. Inspiration will come.

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