Sunday Inspiration: Are You Ready to Break Free From Your Cage?

For a moment, imagine yourself to be a wild animal who was recently brought into captivity to be housed in a zoo.

I’m certain you’d act out defensively and most likely want to escape your new caged home…you’d long for the freedom of being outdoors again. Of course, you’d be given food and in the beginning, you’d probably growl and swipe at the zookeeper or whoever is bringing you the food.

However, there will come a turning point.

Soon, you’ll be so used to your caged environment; the fight will start to leave your spirit. You will soon begin thinking that you belong in this cage. You’ll start to believe that living in the confines of your new environment is where you were always meant to be and that there is absolutely no way that you could ever escape.

Now let’s get back to reality. You’re human again. Now, are you ready to break free from the cage you’re currently in?

Cage…what cage?

Oh, let’s be truthful here. We’re all inside of some cages in our lives. We don’t always recognize that we are. Some of us are at the point of already losing the fire to fight back and have settled for a mediocre lifestyle. I know the feeling of being inside a cage.

I’ve worked for years in an office job and disliked the idea of getting up early every day just to drive a distance to work for someone else. I was getting paid a decent salary, but did I really have the time freedom that I wanted?

No. I didn’t. I was stuck in the daily grind that so many of us find ourselves in. After losing my job, I ended up working in the freelance field and today, I own our own online magazine, Pandora's Box Gazette. The best part about my new life is that I get to work out of my home office. I’m not trying to sell anyone on quitting their day job to start their own business.

I just want to challenge the status quo and shake things up a bit.

Whatever you find to do in life, I challenge you to think outside the box and break through your cage.

Aren’t there things you’ve always wanted to do in life? Don’t you have dreams…some of them that you think aren’t even possible for you to accomplish anymore? How sad is that, when we stop believing in our dreams.

Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and have an irrational faith that knows no bounds and believes in something greater than yourself—for me, that something else is God. He has great plans for our lives…we just need to trust Him one step at a time.

Of course, those dreams and steps of faith need to be balanced out with having a detailed plan and living within your current reality.

Enjoy the journey of following your dreams!

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