Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People for Success in Business

I love God moments. You know…the kind when a coincidence is not really a coincidence at all—but rather, an open door with exciting possibilities in the future.

I’d like to share about one such non-coincidence moment. A few summers ago, I went on the Ladies Beach Day with my mom, sister, and other ladies from our church. We were the last ones to arrive so we found seats in one of the three vans, but I was separated from where my mother and sister ended up sitting in the back.

I’m usually pretty good at being sociable and talking to new people. However, that morning, I wasn’t in a very talkative mood. It was a God moment and the woman I sat next to in the van was very friendly. We connected on similar penchants for health and wellness and natural health remedies. It was neat how God orchestrated that meeting and we agreed to keep in touch and there is the possibility for business networking between us in the future.

Bringing this moment back into the advice for your business and marketing issues, one thing you need to do is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

You need people on your team, in your employ, as business advisors, and your staff who are disciplined and have a positive attitude. Negativity is not going to get you anywhere. In fact, if you surround yourself with negative people, they’ll pull you down into their way of negative thinking.

It’s so vital to your success—in any type of business endeavor or project in your life—to have encouragers around you.

People who encourage you know how to guide you down the right path, but also give you the right balance of praise and constructive criticism. Both are needed to find the way towards achieving your goals.

A perfect example in my life is that as my husband and I have ventured out into exciting, new business ventures, we’ve had to pull away from the negative friends and family who haven’t supported our dreams. Sure, we want valuable advice about the realities surrounding us. Yet, if people can’t offer their support and encouragement and are continually dashing your hopes, then you need to get some separation. Don’t allow such negativity in your life.

No man is an island unto himself—as written by British poet, John Donne—is advice you need to take in order to be successful.

You cannot succeed on your own. God in his word teaches that where two or three work together, the work gets done faster. Allow other like-minded visionaries and encouragers to become a part of your life and help you to succeed at achieving your dreams.

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