3 Reasons to Mix Business with Pleasure

Business with Pleasure

When you mix business with pleasure, your eyes will be opened to a new perspective.

Like you are an excited child racing down the stairs on Christmas morning to open all the presents that Santa delivered. You can discover your passions and begin cultivating better relationships while having fun and relaxing at the same time. Success will now be your best friend.

When trying to accomplish work in the professional world, you’ll have to finesse your way toward success. Consider the following three reasons to mix business with pleasure.

Dive in to Your Passions

When you mix business with pleasure, that gives you the ideal opportunity to understand your own passions.

Taking a golf outing with your client, will give you the chance to demonstrate your passion for the game. Taking colleagues out to lunch to experience a new type of cuisine like authentic Indian or Thai will help you channel your adventurous side and become more open to enjoying life in the professional arena. You could be a passionate foodie who will create the next great food blog that is an internet sensation.

Ask your manager to create a Saturday excursion day for the company staff. You may soon discover that you enjoy adventure and really are an adrenaline junky as you take a leap of faith and rock it at the local climbing gym

Cultivate Enhanced Relationships

There is no doubt that when you mix business with pleasure, you will begin to cultivate enhanced relationships in the workplace and professional business world.

Have fun taking clients out on a night on the town to enjoy Happy Hour at the best local hangout. That’s an awesome opportunity to break the ice and begin the process of better understanding these individuals. Embrace your time with colleagues at the next company retreat. You’ll be able to develop better relationships that can be taken to a deeper level of friendship that will enhance the working relationship.

Enjoy the Ride of Fun and Success

One of the best reasons to mix business with pleasure is that you simply get to relax and have fun.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy such an outing? After all, working for an entire day without experiencing any playtime can become very dull and boring. Don’t become the employee who tries to get everyone to mess around the office while the boss is away. Don’t hide this ride of fun and success with your boss. Get your boss to join in the fun. Sure, that might not be easy if you’re working for Mr. Scrooge. However, it’s worth a try to get your boss to lead the way in making the workplace a more fun environment.

Happy people are more apt to complete assignments on time and be more productive. Employees who are stress-free, will be able to better handle any conflicts that may arise in the workplace. They’ll be more successful. Mixing business with pleasure greatly increases your chances of experiencing success.

Of course, there needs to be a balance with how happy and relaxed the workplace atmosphere is and how much time you spend enjoying fun outings with clients.

Are you able to bring a balanced sense of fun into the workplace and in your business dealings?

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