Lifestyle: Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

By, Paula Thomas

It’s that time of year again, school is out! I think that keeping kids safe during the summer is hard sometimes.

I remember a few years ago going to the shore with my son and his family. They like going on the boardwalk. To me it wasn’t always fun because I was always counting heads to see if all the kids were there.

Kids really need to be watched closely at the beach.

One time one of my grandsons went into the ocean to play and before we knew it he had drifted farther away from where his parents were. Needless to say panic arose and all the life guards were looking for him. About 20 minutes later he was found walking around on the beach looking for his parents. However, he was found 3 blocks from where everyone was sitting. That was one of the biggest scares we had.

During the summer months kids will be outside playing.

Outdoor play is all about being active and burning up that extra energy and having fun.

What is the first thing you do when the kids are running around the house screaming while playing. You get stressed out and start yelling at them to be quiet. Send them outside. That is one way to solve the problem.

When my kids were growing up I always told them to go outside to play, scream, and have fun running around. But it was not allowed in the house. As a grandparent I tell them if they want to get loud, then go outside and play. Which they do. Being outside is also a time for them to explore their physical abilities and limits. Sometimes I don’t want to look because they do some crazy things.

Well anyway, here are some outdoor safety tips.

  • Make adult supervision a crucial part of outdoor play.

  • Kids should NEVER be left alone near inflatable kiddy pools, swimming pools, beaches, and lakes. Toys should be kept out of their reach and away from the water, this way the little ones will not be tempted to go near the water.

  • Always keep toys away from unsupervised areas like driveways and streets with traffic.

  • Make sure your kids wear helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear when playing with all ride-on-toys, including bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards and skates. I suggest you visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Website.

  • Make sure that the outdoor areas have some type of shaded cover if possible to protect their sensitive skin from the sun. My two small granddaughters were playing outside the other day and were out only for 30 minutes. Their skin was so red and they seemed to be so hot but wanted to continue to play outside. I had made sure to put sunscreen on them and gave them a lot of water to drink so they stayed hydrated.

  • Make sure to organize and store toys to prevent slips, trips, and falls. If you have access to a garage or an outdoor shed you can designate spaces for bikes and ride-on-toys and store smaller items like skateboards and skates on shelves.

Be mindful about modifying sleep schedules.

The importance of regular patterns and adequate sleep doesn’t change during the summer months. Sleep is critical!!!

Try new ways to eat better, cook together, and start a new activity routine.

When visiting a friend who has a pool, please watch your kids. Toddlers who drown are often last seen in the house.

So everyone BE SAFE! Have a wonderful summer.

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Paula enjoys watching her grandchildren during the week. She loves the freedom she has to stay home and do that. To supplement her income, she became an Arbonne Consultant. She has always loved using the Arbonne products. They are consistent and have superior, botanically based products. The excellent skin care products give her skin a softness and glow each and every day.

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