Author Spotlight: Pastor Catherine Ross

Writing Journey

By, Pastor Catherine Ross

I became a writer, of nonfiction to share what God had placed within me, to heal me and while coming to terms with wrong choices that I made. While writing the 20 Things That Have To Materialize For The Proper Path To Marriage, I became aware that this information should be shared to help others avoid huge mistakes and misunderstandings in relationships. From this point forward, I have been on a journey to discover more about relationships based on Bible stories and how their relationship with God is, and what is it that we can take away from them. When it's completed it will be my next book.

The inspiration for my first work, of 20 Things was based on pain. Pain of making relationship mistakes and seeing others make similar ones. Also, to help others to heal, and move to the right plan for your life.

The most interesting research was in asking others of their bad dates, and experiences. Things that they wished they had known before making or pursuing a commitment. I was surprised by the willingness to talk about it and their desire for others to not make the same mistakes.

The idea for 20 Things was given during a time of prayer. It was a list, turned into questions that took several months to complete. During the time of working with my publisher, my friend who helped me and believed in this work, passed away. I struggled to move forward but felt like it needed to be shared as she and her husband helped me to fund the self-publishing cost.

I try write in moments of inspiration. I found that taking a break from my schedule to work on my second book, was helpful.

The main advice I would give for a new writer is write when inspired, and when you don't "feel like it". Read a lot. When promoting your book find anyone that can promote you, and that will work with you. Just because you published a book, doesn't mean that you are immediately noticed. Please watch your agreements that are made regarding your book, especially if you self-publish. How much is the book going to cost you, and are you going to put it into an eBook or Kindle version.

The most challenging aspect of writing is the vulnerability you feel when you write and when you talk to someone about your book. At times, it feels like something childlike that needs to be born, yet the process may take you a long time to complete. (And yes, longer than 9 months)

About the Book

ISBN-10: 1449763766

ISBN-13: 978-1449763763


Paperback: 70 pages

September 26, 2012, $9.95

Genre: Christian non-fiction

Also available for Kindle

Ever wonder is this friendship "relationship" going to go anywhere? Do I want this person in my life? Is this you, God? Do family and friends have different opinions on the relationship, and you are not sure which direction to take? This is dedicated to those of you who feel the call of God to be in a marriage that is God-centered. This is to prepare your current friendship to move the next level. It's what I call "Before You're Blue with I Do". With 20 Things that Have to Materialize for the Proper Path to Marriage i.e, Doing it God's Way, let the concepts and the needful questions help you find the answers you need.

About the Author

Pastor Catherine Ross began serving in the office of associate pastor of Faith Chapel in May 2008 after twelve years of faithful service in the church body. She has a definite understanding of what it is to walk out your faith even after giving your heart to God and is familiar with the trials of the teen/single years and what it means to experience victories and failures. Her life experiences and lessons learned are still fresh, allowing her insight in helping others who are presently struggling. Called to the ministry in 1996, she began to prepare herself for the full-time ministry, starting with layman/exhorter credentials, and then was promoted to a licensed minister and is presently serving as an ordained minister of Kingsway Fellowship International. Outside of serving God and His Kingdom, Catherine's greatest commitment is to her husband, Rodney Ross, who faithfully supports her and her decision to serve in the capacity of associate pastor.

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As special thank you to Pastor Catherine Ross for guesting at Pandora's Box Gazette today. I enjoyed learning more about you, your writing, and your book.

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