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You Don’t Always Get What You Want, When You Want

It’s a hard lesson to learn and even as adults, we haven’t always learned this lesson like we think we should have by now. If we’re all truly honest with ourselves, we can freely admit that many times we act like spoiled children.

When God said we should have faith like a child, I don’t think He also meant to act like a spoiled child.

In the grand scheme of things, God does know what’s best for our lives. We may not always see it that way, but He does know the best things that should happen to us and come into our lives.

Now I’m preaching to the choir here because I don’t have everything I want and not every single prayer I’ve prayed has gotten answered. Quite the contrary—I’ve had to wait on God just the same as everyone else does.

We all have different desires and dreams and goals in life, but things don’t always go according to plan. Why? Well, folks, that’s just life…that’s the way it is down here on Earth. Heaven is perfect, not down here.

True, it’s not so easy to take God at His word and trust that He does have every single step in our lives planned out to perfection—and with our good always in mind—however, it is the only way to live at peace down here in a non-peaceful world.

In my mind, I like to think about it like each day is a new day and a new beginning in the Lord. We have the chance to start over and trust God again for His love and grace to be showered on us during the day. We have the chance to obey God again each new day.

Jeremiah 29:11-14 tells us that God does have a plan for our lives to give us a hope and a future. He doesn’t want to harm us, but has many blessings to shower down on our lives. Verse 12 of that passage says that we need to call on God and seek Him and then He will listen to us. Part of the plan for our lives calls for us to live in obedience to God's word.

Now, we can’t read into that to think that life will be all rosy, but God does love us so much. That’s why He sent His Son, Jesus to die for our sins. We just need to accept God’s gift of salvation for our lives and live out our salvation each day in faith and obedience to God.

What are your thoughts on trusting God for His plan in your life? Is there anything you’re believing God for?

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