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Author Interview: Emiliya Ahmadova

Author Interview with Emiliya Ahmadova

Why did you become a writer…was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?

As a child, I was an avid reader. I read many classics, detective, romance. Therefore, I have developed a dream to publish my own book. As I grew up seeing negativity surrounding humanity as well as the human’s wrong behavior I decided to keep writing in order not only to entertain or inspire but to teach, guide, and direct people into the right direction as well as give them a hope. This what I did with Broken Chains.

What was the inspiration for your latest work of fiction?

My latest work of fiction consists of seven short stories that I have published each separately. However, these stories in a few weeks would be published under the title A Hell for All seasons in a print version.

Many reasons have inspired me. Witnessing too much negativity where marriages are broken, bullying, abuse is going on, and seeing the negative effect of people’s wrong choices, habits inspired me to write these stories that show what happens whenever someone chooses a wrong path or allows evil to enter their life. With these entertaining stories, I do hope to push those derived from a right path into the right track and help them to change not only their inner world but the destructive lifestyle and habits that have a negative impact on human’s health and soul.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?

Most times I use my imagination but some of my characters have characteristics of real people in general. For example, I have been reading about bullying in the schools and the behavior of the bullies. So this pushed me to create two main characters: a bully Lisa and a victim Katrina in Revenge in order to highlight the issue with bullying. As you see in every fictional story there is something or someone that we can relate to in reality even though it is a fiction.

How do you go from an idea for a book to the birth of the story? Is the process the same for every book you write? How long does it take you to write a book?

My mind is very creative and always full of ideas. First of all, I start with a reason why I would like to write a book. What am I planning to achieve with it? Then I think about issues or concerns that I would like to cover in order to give a solution to others as well as make my story interesting. After that I chose characters for my story, give them personalities that would help me to achieve my goal and work on the plot. Because of not having enough time, I take a long time to write something.

Are you currently working on any new book projects?

Currently, I am trying to complete a children’s book: My twin Sister and I. I just have to type about 15 pages.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers on how to write a book? Do you have any advice for them regarding promoting that book once published?

Before writing anything, an author must research the market in order to give the desired product. After all the final goal is to satisfy the customer’s desire and taste by a producing something great. Most important not to give up and keep typing creating a great story.

Promotion part is the most time-consuming. Every book must be promoted. There are many channels where one can promote a book. Facebook groups,Twitter,Goodreads,Readers Gazete, Blogs etc. Most important one must try to get book reviewed. Reviews help the readers in decision making process.

What is your favorite work of literary fiction and why? Do you have a favorite literary author?

I grew up reading the work of Russian authors as well as English classics. Therefore my favorite fiction is War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. My favorite author is Mikhail Lermontov.

Who is your favorite contemporary author? Are you currently reading any contemporary novels?

I do not really have contemporary favorite author and barely get a time to read. However, I try to read those books that enrich me spiritually and increase my knowledge.

What’s your writing schedule like? When do you find time to write?

Because of many responsibilities, most times I write in the office during my lunch break, or at nights. Sometimes I write during weekends.

How have your friends and family received your career as an author? Are they supportive?

When my family members found out that I wrote a book, they were surprised. Yes, my friends are supportive and many are currently reading my novel Broken Chains.

However, they know that I do not see writing as a career. For me it is a hobby or tool where I use my talents, imagination, and knowledge in order to create something that can positively influence others or cover issues that are happening in society. It is more about doing what makes you happy and creating a piece that can help someone.

What’s the most challenging aspect of writing for you? ~ POV issues; using too much passive voice and not enough active voice; trouble creating active and engaging dialogue; using too many similar words in starting sentences; or something else?

I am from Azerbaijan. My first languages are Azeri and Russian. Therefore, writing in English which is a foreign language for me, is a bit challenging. Everything I write must be edited by my editor. However, so far I am doing well!

About Broken Chains

As a moving piece of motivational fiction, at the heart of Broken Chains lies the core inspirational issue: How can one best live with a deep sense of inner freedom and independence? In setting up an intriguing novel of romance and family saga, the author starts with an encounter between the parents of the protagonist that leads to a brief affair and an unwanted pregnancy.

Esmira, the mother, raises her daughter alone under difficult circumstances. Once an adult, Silvana must confront the horrors of abusive relationships on her own. This is not only a page turner that serves as fundamental self-help to its readers, but also a deeply moving tale of one Azerbaijani woman's struggle to avoid the same fate that befell her mother. She flees Azerbaijan to an uncertain future. In addition, the novel serves as a gripping story of making sacrifices, overcoming suffering, finding true love, dealing with family conflicts, coping with inhumanity, finding redemption, and attaining liberty. Finally, this intriguing tale introduces readers to the exotic country of Azerbaijan, geographically located between spheres.

Broken Chains is a moving, motivational fiction story that speaks to the inner peace and freedom in a world filled with uncertainties and unexpected turns. Follow this poignant, page-turning family saga as a young Azerbaijani girl grows into a strong, independent woman.

Purchase Link

About A Hell for All Seasons

A Hell for All Seasons is a unique collection of short stories involving mysteries. It is supernatural fiction that falls under the genres of horror, ghost story, fantasy, and mystery.

A Glimpse of the future- Short Story

When evil forces descend upon and attack your family, you have only two choices: either you can allow it to overpower you and your family or you can choose to overcome this evil and win the battle. A young boy, Ramesh, sees his abusive and alcoholic father hit and killed by a reckless driver, a hideous and overpowering experience for Ramesh that lands him in a coma.

While unconscious, he is witness to a life wasted and promises spurned--the genuine work of Satan. What is even more terrifying is what he hears the demon tell him: "Ramesh, I am coming for your soul!"

Revenge- Short Story

A fourteen-year-old girl, Katrina, has fallen victim to bullying. Tormented beyond her ability to cope, she tries to end her life.

But instead of death, her angry soul leaves her body in search of revenge, at which point she discovers the ugly truth. She can go in only one of two directions: either to punish her bully or to turn back.

A Visit To Hell- Short Story

A Russian woman who gives little to no thought of the consequences of her misconduct, Valeriya persists in leading a careless and random life. Not only does she party with abandon, but she is a tramp who sleeps around in order to break up marriages. She finds this nothing more than good sport. However, after one of her lovers’ wife catches her in bed with her husband one night, Valeriya finds herself at the business end of a handgun. As she flees the situation, she finds herself in much worse straits. Now she faces consequences far worse and frightening, an ominous sign that might derail and alter her whole life forever.

The Cowboy And The Beast - Short Story

Bill, a rugged, no-nonsense cowboy and a Vietnam War veteran, loves his home and wife fiercely. Sometimes it seems that he is overprotective. The events of one night, however, will forever quiet any criticisms.

That night, he has to leave his wife alone on their huge ranch, even though rumors fly of a great evil in the darkness. This decision is one that he will never forget. Upon returning to the ranch, he discovers that all has gone terribly wrong. His horses are harmed and, in the house, he finds strange-looking hair on the bed, a torn piece of his wife’s blouse, and horridly overwhelming smells. His wife is nowhere to be found.

He sets off in the midnight dark with only one thing on his mind—to find his wife or to avenge her death.

The Price Of Hypocrisy - Short Story

Delilah is an Azeri woman whose life is saturated with hypocrisy. She believes herself to be a religious woman, but does not act like one toward other people. One time in a mosque, while she goes through the motions of prayer, she meets a strange old man in rags, with boils all over his skin. The man begs her for help, but she refuses and shoved him aside. Only later does she face the consequences of her behavior, and realizes that she must take certain changes to escape an otherwise inevitable and frightening fate.

Across The Darkness - Short Story

Tasaria, a gypsy woman from Tbilisi, allows her life to sink into the allure of the unknown, and ultimately drowns herself in the occult. Yet, that is not the full story, and does not fully explain her voracious appetite for this belief system, and her sudden descent into darkness.

This evil seeks utter destruction, not to mention the possession of her soul. As she sits late one evening reading tarot cards, she hears a knock at the door--at the same moment that she turns over the Death and Tower cards. She welcomes two mysterious and disguised visitors into her home, and soon lives to regret it.

The Nightmare At The Village Helena - Short Story

Beth, an American exchange student in Africa, is enamored by spells and witchcraft. Out of curiosity, she and her boyfriend Frank make a trip to the village of Helena in search of witches. After a horrific night spent in the village, they wonder: Was it real or did they just dream it? Either way, they reach a decision to never return to that village again

About the Author

Emiliya Ahmadova was born in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Emiliya has diplomas in business management as well as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in human resources management. She also has international diplomas in the advanced study of the theory and practice of management, administration, business management, communication, hotel operations management, office management and administration, and professional English from the Cambridge International College, in addition to a certificate in novel writing. Emiliya speaks four languages (Azeri, Russian, English, and some Turkish), but her native language is Azeri.

Because of her love for humanity and children for a few years she has volunteered her services as a scout leader. Emiliya likes being around people, adores travel, enjoys playing soccer, and relishes in helping other people.

As a sophisticated prose writer and masterful storyteller, Emiliya has an innate sense of style and narrative, betraying a marvellous talent for weaving an intricate story of victory over domestic violence in all its pedigrees. Thus, beyond the fictional world, she emerges as a global voice and motivational speaker for combating abuse in all its carnations (sexual, parental, familial, spousal, partner, and child)

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A special thank you to Emiliya Ahmadova for guesting today at Pandora's Box Gazette.

Hope you all can stay for a bit to chat with our guest author!

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