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Sunday Inspiration: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

By, Susan Sage

An artist’s gaze drifted from the ocean’s blue with white tents billowing and swaying to the nothingness on the canvas before her. She dipped her brush into the hues on her palette. With each stroke and smudge of her finger, she attempted to capture what her eyes observed, coaxing the very scene before her into a desired mirror image. Months later, appreciative on-lookers had no idea of the previous challenges the artist faced in trying to blend colors and smooth lines. The observers only saw the end result.

The beautifully crocheted blanket showed none of the toil that occurred in its creation. The recipient had no idea at the number of times the creator had to go back and pick up dropped stitches.

The work behind the meal spread across the table didn’t enter the minds of those smelling the aroma that made their taste buds dance. No one knew the cook started the potatoes twice because she’d overcooked the first batch. No idea entered anyone’s thoughts that the cook might have changed the menu due to forgetting a critical item at the store. They simply savored the flavors.

We rarely think about what happens behind the scene and the work or struggle that went into what we enjoy. We might express gratitude at the finished product but don’t usually consider anything before.

In awe, I’ve seen the product of an artist’s vision, wrapped a perfectly stitched blanket around myself, and relished the result of a cook’s efforts. Unwavering focus goes into something so very good while I simply get to enjoy the outcome.

I have several women I admire because of their walk with God. I see the results of their times of wrestling as they learned to trust God. Yet when I’ve asked how their faith can be strong, each of them has quickly assured me it hasn’t always been so.

No one ever started their spiritual life in perfect harmony with God. The Holy Spirit saw their challenging journey, the times they didn’t make wise decisions, and the long days of trial and grappling. Though I see an amazing picture of faithfulness in those I admire, the Spirit sees the bumps and bruises along the way. He lives through the decisions which then have consequences which bring pain. But God …

Those are two of the most powerful words in the Bible.

But God sees us as complete and sees the entire picture along the way. He sees the potential and knows what needs to happen in order to advance His purpose and plan.

God knows even the dropped stitches, the smudges, and the start-overs are part of the process. Those are the weaknesses which make us turn to Him and learn to rely on His strength.

Often, the behind the scenes work is not pleasant. It may include pain, sorrow, loss, illness, mistakes, stress. But before all hope is lost …

When in His hands, the behind the scenes also includes joy as we see Him as our source of hope. We experience peace as we learn to trust Him in everything. We gain strength as we grow to rely on Him in each situation and faith as we strive to seek His wisdom. Serenity comes as we submit to His sovereignty.

Just as a tiny piece of sand in an oyster develops a precious pearl, so the grit of life, when in the hands of God, brings about priceless character.

Wherever you are on your journey, trust God with what’s behind the scenes. He sees the end result and will work His glory through your trust.

Let's Meet the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area. She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

She is currently working on revising her website, which should be up in the next few months.

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Susan, thank you for guesting today and sharing with us!

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