What’s the Big Deal about Drinking Protein Shakes?

Are you taking enough protein in your diet? If you don’t have enough protein, then you’re not doing any favors for your body.

Protein is a necessary ingredient in our diets. It is vitally important for maintenance of muscles, skin, hair and fingernails. For all ages, it is vital that we all receive the right amount of protein to promote optimum health and well-being.

Our bodies begin to degenerate and age when we turn 20 years old. When we turn 35 years old, we begin to lose 1% muscle mass every year. Now, 1% may seem like a minuscule percentage; however, think about how that 1% will add up each year thereafter?

By doing regular toning exercises and weight training, that will help to build-up our muscles. However, as we age, without the proper amount of protein in our diet, we won’t be able to keep or build our muscles.

During the exercise process, our muscles microscopically tear in the muscle fibers. This is normal and part of the way our body works.

Our bodies are amazing in that they were created to self-repair.

Our body repairs these tears by utilizing amino acids which are found in proteins. These amino acids both repair and strengthen our muscle fibers—this process aides in the lengthening and strengthening of our muscles.

Now, it is very important to drink a protein shake after each exercise and weight training session. Taking a natural soy or whey protein is better for your body. Look for a protein supplement drink which is powered by Leucine, has a low glycemic index, is gluten free, has at least 5 grams of dietary fiber, has additional vitamins and minerals and is free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

Also, look for natural recovery protein shakes which are like a high-octane fuel which can rapidly increase your muscle recovery. If you can find one that has an intelligent-release protein blend, which has a unique protein to carb ratio that is the best one to add to your exercise recovery program. Such a natural supplement can naturally enhance and activate your body’s recovery process after exercise and weight training.

Starting your exercise routine with eating a natural energy bar, energy chew or drinking an energy drink, is the best way to get your exercise routine off to a good start. This will help sustain your energy, improve your body’s performance, keep you alert, sharpen your focus and improve your mood. During your exercise routine, it’s best to drink water and especially helpful to drink a natural hydration drink. This will minimize fluid loss for enhanced hydration, increases better athletic performance, and maintains blood-glucose levels to help your body continue to sustain an intensity in energy output. Check out natural sports nutrition from The Shaklee Store.

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