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Flash Fiction: Corruption at the Cove

Corruption at the Cove

By, Susan Sage

Kyle glanced over his shoulder and looked down the beach to his right. From his vantage-point standing on the dock, he could see everything in this small cove. Men, women, and several children played in the water or stood talking along the beach. While stretched out on towels, some basked in the sun. Fewer people occupied the area now than an hour ago when he’d arrived.

The mountains surrounding the lake stood with an aura of longevity. His memory flitted back to childhood days spent on this very beach. The recollections blew away like the breeze through his hair. Focus.

Looking back to the lake in front of him, Kyle noticed a helicopter circling above. The edge of his mouth moved slightly and he tilted the brim of his hat down.

The water glistened from the sun’s reflection. Mist began to rise from the water as the sun appeared to drop behind the west-mountain. And still he waited.

He turned slightly to glance around again. Blankets, toys, and baskets were being picked up but no one seemed to notice him. Kyle bent down, untied his shoes, rolled up his jeans, and sat on the pier dangling his legs in the water.

With the sound of talking and laughing fading behind him, he scanned the area again. Only one man remained still sitting against a rock at the far end of the cove, hat pulled low over his head.

Kyle stretched his arms toward the sky, grasped his wrists, then bent reaching his hands toward the water and arched his back. Keeping his head lifted and his eyes shielded with sunglasses, he reached below the dock. There, exactly where it was supposed to be, he found the taped package. He worked his fingers around the parcel and began rocking it until the tape released.

As he lifted the small wrapped box from its hiding place, he carefully tucked it into his pocket. He perused the beach again. The guy leaning against the rocks still hadn’t moved. Kyle stood, brushed water off his legs and feet, picked up his shoes and headed to the rock steps that lead to the parking lot.

The natural stairs with their sharp edges scratched Kyle’s feet. He sat down to put on his shoes and glanced across the cove to where he’d seen the man sitting.

Where’d he go? Kyle looked around the inlet again while working quickly to get his shoes on. He saw the man walking toward the lake; his chin pointed upward as if watching the helicopter still circling a broader area.

Kyle touched the pocket of his jacket. Secure. He jumped up and took the steps by twos till he reached the top.

He stopped. Kyle’s eyes grew large then his gaze darted around. His heartbeat increased. Four gun-holding men stood behind a muscular, bearded man.

“Easy there, George. What’s wrong?” Kyle asked.

“Get your hands in the air and give me the package,” the man said.

“I just got it and was bringing it to you. Wasn’t that what we said?” Kyle asked as he raised his arms.

“Plans have changed.”

“You want to lower your gun so you don’t shoot me?” Kyle chuckled trying to relax the stifling tension.

“Shut up and hand it over.”

Kyle slowly lowered his arms, reached into his pocket and pulled out the wallet-sized bundle.

George grabbed it. He ripped off the tape and paper then opened the container.

“These are glass chips,” he said as he reached his gun forward pushing its barrel against Kyle’s chest. “Give me the real stuff now or you’re dead,” he said through gritted teeth.

At that moment, the helicopter that had been circling moved into position above them. The man from the cove jumped up from the rock stairs behind Kyle and pointed his gun at George. Dark-clothed men and women raced out of the shadowed timberline; guns aimed at the men near George.

“Drop your guns, get on the ground, and lock your fingers behind your head,” the man from the beach shouted.

All the men around Kyle sank to their knees, lowered their guns to the ground and stretched out on the rocks.

“Good work, Kyle.”

“Thanks, Lieutenant,” Kyle responded. “Glad we got the jewels out before they got here.”

“Yes. Our plan worked perfectly,” the lieutenant said turning to help cuff George and his friends. The men were hoisted off the ground with help from the other officers.

“You deserve a few days off, that is, after you write up your report,” Lieutenant Wayne said as he turned and smiled.

“Thanks, I think I’ll do that.”

Kyle turned and looked back over the lake. His lake. The place he’d decided to become a cop.

“Thank you, God. You protected again.”

Meet the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area. She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

She is currently working on revising her website, which should be up in the next few months.

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

A special thank you to Susan Sage for sharing her flash fiction piece with us today! Hope you all can stay for a bit to chat with her.

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