Do You Know Who Your Niche Market Is?

No matter what you’re trying to sell as a small business owner, entrepreneur, author or freelancer, you need to know who your niche market is.

Trying to sell a product to someone who does not want it—is not fun and usually won’t get you any sales. This is Marketing 101. You need to figure out who your audience is. That’s how you begin to get sales.

For example, pertaining to my book marketing, I’ve had to take different approaches to each of my books. Why?—for the simple purpose of promoting each book to a specific audience.

My first book, My S.E.D. Label is more geared towards people who enjoy dramatic fiction / psychological thrillers. I had to market that to a different audience than my latest romantic suspense novel, Bella Lucia. This book deals with infertility and adoption issues. So, I needed to market to an audience who is currently dealing with those issues.

You need to then create an offer that is hard to resist.

With my books, I’ve actively promoted the times when my book was on sale. I’ve done guest blogs and also done book giveaways. People love FREE stuff and love SALES. So optimize both in your marketing and make sure to promote the limited time offers. That promotes a sense of urgency and will help your prospects make the decision to actually purchase your products.

Once you’ve done all these things, make sure that you are open to change. Keep persevering at your tasks, but always be open to the need for re-evaluation.

If you’re not getting results, you must figure out what is going wrong. Are you marketing to the right audience? Are you creating the right offer that is irresistible?

In the end, bring others on board who are going to have the same business philosophy that you have. When you surround others with the same mindset, you will be encouraged and won’t be drug down by those who try to devalue your dream.

Remember that those who persevere are the ones who succeed. Keep the vision alive in your business philosophy.

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