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Flash Fiction: The Timely Interruption

The Timely Interruption

By, Susan Sage

She stood on top of the old wood fence and held the corner logs which were bound by thick, rough rope. Allison tilted her head back, closed her eyes, and let the mist-filled breeze of the ocean caress her face. She heard Radar whine.

“Where are you?” A low-voiced person asked.

Allison opened her eyes and turned slightly toward the sound.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re obviously thinking of something,” he said.

“Just enjoying this spot. It’s my favorite.” Without hesitation, Allison sat down on the fence rail and stretched her leg to touch the wooden landing.

She felt the wood vibrate near her but ignored it. She focused on not falling into the water, trying not to think about the disruption, until both of her feet touched the dock.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your time.”

“I need to go anyway.” Alison bent to pick up her satchel from where she’d left it beside the pilings. She reached in, felt around, and pulled out a short, metal, white stick. Unfolding it with a snap of her wrist the connections popped into place. She heard the man take in a quick breath of air. She refused to react. She always chose to ignore the responses of other people she figured thought her helpless. I don’t need this kind of attention. Allison pulled the bag’s strap across her head and turned toward the pier.

“Can I help you?”

Allison swung around to face the interruption.

“I do not need your help except for you to leave me alone. I don’t know who you are and frankly, I don’t care. I can take care of myself. Now if you’ll excuse me—”

“Do you always carry such a big weight?”


“That burden of anger must be heavy. I don’t know why you’re so mad. I apologized for invading your space. I simply wanted you to know I’m here if you needed help.”

“Why don’t you mind your own business. You have no idea who I am or what I’ve been through,” Allison said reaching for Radar’s harness.

“I do.”

“Excuse me? How dare you. What makes you think—I don’t—who do …”


She froze.

“Allison,” he said again.

“It can’t be. You were—how can—” Allison felt herself rocking.

She reached for the back of the benches, moved in front of them and dropped down. Radar sat beside her and leaned against her leg.

“Kevin?” Allison whispered as she began to tremble.


One word. Only one word. With one word, she knew.

“What? Why? When? I don’t understand.”

“You sound like you’re researching a newspaper article,” Kevin laughed. “You’re looking good, Sis,” He took a slow breath. “Get up, Allison. Dare to dream again. You’re strong. God’s got you in this.”

“But you’re gone,” Allison whispered tears trickling down the scars on her face.

Allison shook her head and allowed the wistful thoughts to blow away like the ocean’s breeze. She bent over feeling across the wood on the old deck till she found a couple of stones. She picked them up and stood. Stretching her arm back she hurled the pebbles with all her energy. In that instant, she felt like weight flew off her shoulders. She waited for the distinct plop in water. “Okay, Lord. If you can use me even though I’m losing my sight and he’s gone.”

“Come on Radar.” She smiled and drew in a deep breath. “It’s time to quit wishing for what’s gone and get back into life. He’s not coming back. He’s gone. He’s dead.” She wiped her hand across her face.

Together, Allison and Radar walked down the pier. The dog pulled to a stop as they reached the end of the walkway.

“Are you ready?” Allison’s mom asked.

“Yes,” She turned to breathe deeply of the ocean’s damp air and feel the moisture across her face one more time. “Goodbye Kevin,” she whispered as she signaled Radar forward.

“I’ll never understand why God took him and left me but Kevin would want me to keep going. We had big dreams together. It’s time to live my own dream now.”

Allison’s mom rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Yes, it’s time you start living again.”

Together the women and the dog walked back to the car, got in, and drove away.

Meet the Author

New to north Idaho, Susan Sage and her husband are enjoying getting to know the new area. She continues to work on her craft writing about God’s purpose and sovereignty in all aspects of life. She enjoys writing devotionals and flash fiction. She enjoys mentoring other writers who are new to the craft.

She is currently working on revising her website, which should be up in the next few months.

Connect Online

You can find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

A special thank you to Susan Sage for sharing her flash fiction with us. You can find her here at Pandora's Box Gazette as a regular flash fiction contributor on the 2nd Thursday each month. Hope you all keep coming back to read Susan's awesome fiction stories.

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