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Pros and Cons of Social Media and How to Manage your Privacy Settings on Facebook

Social Media

These days mostly everyone is on Facebook or some other form of social media. It’s an epidemic and there are pros and cons for both sides of social media mania.

With the advent of email and texting, so many times we opt for communicating electronically rather than via phone or in person. Where is the one on one interaction that we used to have before the days of the internet and online communication?

However, there are some good aspects to the online revolution and especially as it pertains to Facebook. For example, I have connected on Facebook with some friends and relatives who I had lost touch with many years ago. Many of those family and friends live out of state so it’s been nice to “catch up” with them and see what’s going on in their daily lives as they post on Facebook. So, is our communication level deteriorating since we’re on Facebook and other social media sites and online all the time?

I agree that our communication level is deteriorating; however, there are many good aspects of utilizing Facebook, other social media and going online. As with all things, we need to live a life in balance. Stay disciplined and don’t allow yourself to be overcome by all things social media and internet related. If you need to fast from Facebook and other social media for a few weeks, take the plunge and unplug from the Internet for a while—or at least from social media. Facebook will still be there when you get back.

For example, you can change your settings so that all of your Facebook friends can post on your timeline (or profile page) or no one can post. That's a decision that is up to you. You can't pick and choose who gets to post. For that setting, it's either all your friends can or no one can.

As far as being "tagged" in a photo or location, you can change the settings so that you'll get to review and approve posts which your friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline. You'll either be approving all of these as they come in or not approving any of them. You can also set who can see the posts where you've been tagged in.

You can also set who can look you up using your email address of phone # which you provided to facebook. This can be set to “everyone, friends of friends, or friends.”

You can set who can send you friend requests. This can be set for “everyone or friends of friends.”

You can set who can send you Facebook messages. This can be set for “everyone, friends of friends, or friends.”

You can add friends to a restricted list and they can only see posts that you make public. Facebook won’t notify them that they’re on your restricted list.

You can block users but then that person or persons will no longer be your friend on Facebook or be able to interact with you; except within apps on Facebook or games you both play or Facebook groups you both belong to.

You can block app invites from someone and ignore all future app requests from them. You can also block event invites from someone.

Have you managed your privacy settings on Facebook to suit your specific needs?

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