Fashion Passion: Dress for Success with Rose Cavallaro

Dress for Success

with Rose Cavallaro LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant

I have heard often, "Dress for success," and, "Dress for the job you want and not the job you are in." Which is great advice! But, how about when you don't feel that "success" inside?

When my health began to decline, my weight began to "up" cline and my clothes felt more pull than I preferred. I no longer felt pretty, confident, and ready to look the part of success. Getting ready in the morning felt like my mind was stepping onto the battlefield every day. A tug of war of not agreeing with what I saw in the mirror and the feeling as if I let myself down. I had to constantly remind myself that

I am beautiful, even though I didn't actually believe it most of the time.

About 6 months ago, I found a company called LuLaRoe.

I got introduced and got hooked immediately. I felt for the first time in a long time that I could feel pretty, confident, and ready for success, all while feeling COMFORTABLE! I looked in that same mirror and smiled again.

I get compliments but, the real success, I finally compliment myself! The stress of what to dress is less. Of course, there are days I still rip out half of my closet deciding what to wear but, now it is because I have too many choices! I could do outfit changes midway through work but, I don't think that is promoted to do in most workplaces.

I feel amazingly comfortable both inside and outside.

I joke in saying that I feel so comfortable like I am not wearing any clothes like the, "Emperor's New Clothes!" Of course, I am but, Lula really is the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn. It made my decision to join the business and begin my adventure of being an independent LuLaRoe Consultant that much easier.

My joy is having the opportunity to share this joy with others in getting their groove back like, "The Emperor's New Groove!"

Seeing others feel confident and comfortable inside and out is why I do this. That and I love putting together outfits and providing fashion tips!


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A special thank you to Rose Cavallaro for sharing her inspirational story with us today in our Fashion Passion column.